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Got Rid Of My Stalkees Page

When HTNet was first conceived, I had a sidebar list full of links to blogs I find dear to my heart. It stayed on HTNet’s pages for more than a year. It also grew in size as I found more and more blogs that I visited frequently.

Then came a phase in my life where stupid things like Google PageRank and SEO brought out the linking “artist” in me. I came to the conclusion that linking liberally might be bad for HTNet’s own ranking.

About two weeks ago, I reached enlightenment and decided, “To hell with Google and other search engines! This is my blog and I can pretty much damn well link whoever I thought deserve it!”

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Weird Spam Comments

For the past two weeks or so, I’ve been receiving a lot of (attempted) spam comments with the following format:



For the name, it will be the first 10 characters of the seemingly random string (it could even be part of some hash algo like MD5), and it will be linked to a .us URL of the same hostname (eg.

Have you experienced something similar on your blog?

When Everything Else Is Just Cruft

I’ve always preferred a minimalist approach to life. If a program can be written in 500 lines, then it should. Does this make me a stingy person? No, it doesn’t. I see myself as a pragmatic person. Bring me in to solve a problem… one specific problem. Everything else is either unrelated or should be tackled differently.

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What Would You Do If You Won $350 Million Dollars? Blog About It!

I was in the midst of a bloghopping session and found a link to The Masked Millionaire. Now, before you think that this must be one of those irritating “make money online” blogs, I’m happy to tell you that it’s not.

The person behind The Masked Millionaire claims that he recently won just under $350 million in a lottery draw. Wow, that’s over a third of a billion US dollars! He’s also going to blog about his life as a freshly minted multi-millionaire.

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Do You Allow Trackbacks On Your Blog?

I’ve just returned from my almost week-long holidays and found that HTNet has been hit with quite a handful of Trackback spams. The scenario would be much worse if it hadn’t been for Spam Karma 2’s decent effort on reducing the onslaught.

However, it’s been bad enough that I’m seriously considering disabling Trackbacks on HTNet. Before I do anything though, I would like to seek the opinions of other bloggers on this issue.

So do you allow Trackbacks on your blog?