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Get A Domain Name Already!


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Nothing peeves me more than having to deal with so-called businesses that operate behind free emails or web pages. Imagine having to send an email to or having to visit to get more information from a company.

I don’t know about you, but if such a company couldn’t even afford to buy a domain name and host their web site on a paid web hosting service, I wouldn’t imagine even doing business with them!

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A List Apart Left To Expire?

When I visited A List Apart a few minutes ago, I was greeted with a very unfamiliar web page. Wait, it’s actually quite familiar… an expired domain parking page. Ouch!

ALA is a very useful resource for those interested in modern web design. I hope they do get the domain back. Strangely though, the whois records show that the domain will actually expire in May 2009.

Investing In Another Domain

After my successful sale of I’m very inspired to buy more domains with aftermarket potential. I’m sure those who’ve tried to find good unregistered .com domains for your online projects would sooner or later conclude that all the good names are taken. Although I generally agree with this conclusion, there are times when you do get lucky and actually found an unregistered name with decent potential.

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Sold For 450 Euros

I didn’t expect to reveal this information less than 24 hours after my last post… but my PayPal cash register just rang… Kaching!

I managed to sell for €450 through Sedo. Sedo charges €50 for securing a buyer for my domain, but I believe that getting €400 is more than a fair price to get from a domain that I was under-utilizing anyway. Sold!

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Offloading One Of My Domains

Enthusiasm is hard to keep up. I find this very true when it comes to my online projects. I’m guilty of not giving more attention to projects other than HTNet (this blog). In fact, even HTNet has gone through long periods of neglect which resulted from offline issues like work and others.

I’m in the process of retiring one of my earlier undertakings. I’ve found a party that’s interested in taking over the domain. Right now, the process is in the advanced stage and essentially I’m just waiting for the money to roll in.

If you’re a regular reader of HTNet, I think you can guess which of my domains I’m offloading 😉