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Unleashing Uncrufty: A No-Frills WordPress Theme

After keeping it for quite some time, I’ve decided to release my latest WordPress theme; Uncrufty.

The name is a play on the functionalities and design of the theme itself. I’ll be the first to admit that I’m not a graphics design genius. I also don’t like clutter in my themes (and life in general). So the term Uncrufty is a play of words between the two concepts.

Uncrufty should be compatible with any recent version (2.x; 2.3.x would be better) of WordPress.

You can preview Uncrufty here, or download it straightaway.

Working On A Few WordPress Stuff

Over the past 48 hours I’ve been working on two WordPress related project; a theme and a widget. I’m gunning on completing the theme before Saturday because I’m going to KL and spending the entire next week there.

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Tuned 1.5 Preview Screenshots

I’ve been working on Tuned 1.5 since Sunday, and it’s coming along quite nicely. The overall template is based on the theme that you’re currently seeing on HTNet, except for the following changes:

  1. Uses a fixed width of 960 pixels
  2. Links to pages added to the header
  3. A search form is integrated in the header as well
  4. Uses a header image
  5. Has two sidebars, but when in post view, only shows the right sidebar
  6. Some other minor modifications that I can’t remember now

If development goes according to plan, then this theme will be released within a week from now.

Want to see screenshots?

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