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Finding Out What’s Hot In Today’s Web Designs

I’ve been handed the responsibility of redesigning my company’s web site. I’m not really into web design because I’m not really a visual person. I’d rather go through tons of texts rather than spending the exact same amount of time looking at eyecandies.

However, seeing that I’m now netted into “whatever that has anything to do with computers go to the MIS department” trap, I just have to make the best of it.

Basically, I’ve summed up the process to be something along the following lines:

  1. Grab all data to be presented
  2. Organise the data into useful information
  3. Identify grouping criteria for the information
  4. Categorising gathered information into the identified groups
  5. Presenting the information on a web based media

I have no problems with the first four processes. It’s the presentation portion I’m worried about. Sure, I can probably engage a web contractor for that part… but reading between the lines of what management has communicated to me; I get the feeling that they wanted me to do this as well.

A quick google later, I found the following good resources regarding web design… at least I think they’re good. If I’m such a web design expert, I wouldn’t need to look up such information now, ain’t it?

  • Current Style In Web Design: A nice visual tour of “hot” web sites with elaborations on the key design elements that highlights them
  • Web Design Practices: Showcases popular web page elements as well as its adoption rate in percentages; recommended for stats buffs
  • ontoinfo’s Current Trends in Web Design: I remember digging this post. Eventhough it’s posted in September 2006, most of what it highlights remain relevant today

Do you have any other web design resources to recommend?