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Early Morning Trip to Zoo Johor

Last Saturday was a school holiday replacement day and I had to send my son to school. Since it replaces a Friday, it means that I have about five hours of time in hand before I need to fetch my son back.

I decided to head down to Zoo Johor (State Zoo of Johor) because my last trip there was more than 20 years ago. It also provided me with a quick and cheap way of practising my animal photography because the admission fee is only RM2.00.

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Urban Street Photography: Johor Bahru City

Last Sunday, I went on a street photography with friends from AlphaJB (group of Sony Alpha DSLR users in Johor Bahru) around town. Shooting started at around 8:30am and finished at noon. We began our exploration of Johor Bahru from the main post office and walked around the vicinity of Jalan Dhoby and Segget Walk.

I’ll be sharing some of the pictures I took during the photo-walk in this post. Looking forward to your comments!

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Mostly Stealth Street Photography: Pasar Ramadhan Bandar Baru Uda

OK, a quick primer; Ramadhan is the fasting month for Muslims. During this month, Muslims must refrain from eating, drinking and other ill-natured indulgences from dawn until dusk.

Ramadhan is also an excellent month to make extra money, especially if you know how to cook good food. Throughout Malaysia during Ramadhan, there will be thousands of Ramadhan Markets (better known locally as Pasar Ramadhan) where sellers of all kinds of food peddle their wares.

The hustle and bustle of Pasar Ramadhan makes it an excellent location for street photography. I’d like to share with you some candid shots I’ve captured during the first two days of Ramadhan at one of the most famous Pasar Ramadhan in Johor Bahru… the Bandar Baru Uda Pasar Ramadhan.

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Sekolah Agama Bukit Zaharah: A Building Left Unappreciated

Sometimes when you revisit a place close to your heart, you’ll get overwhelmed with emotions. Surprise and nostalgia are some of the things you’d felt.

A few days ago, I revisited such a place; the first Sekolah Agama (Malay for religious school) I went to. Sekolah Agama Bukit Zaharah is located within the compounds of Kebun Bunga DiRaja, also known as Istana Gardens.

Along with the two emotions I mentioned earlier… I was also saddened by the state of my alma mater. The school building still stood; but like many buildings in Johor Bahru, it is left decrepit.

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Hutan Bandar Revisited

I’ve shared pictures of Hutan Bandar three and a half years ago. Last Saturday, I joined a group of fellow Alpha JB members for a TT session (a Malaysian term for a meet-up, TT is an acronym for ‘Teh Tarik’; a popular Malaysian drink) held at the same location.

Myself, along with Jazli, Sanik, Adie and Syafik proceed to capture the morning scenes. Shooting started at about 8:30 am. Here I’d like to share some of the photos I took that day.

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