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My Rebonding Experience

I used to have unmanageable hair. I have to apply tons of styling gel every morning just to make sure my hair stays in place, and I won’t look like a bloody lion at work. I’ve entertained thoughts of rebonding my hair, but somehow never had the balls to do it.

Last Tuesday, I though, what the heck… and finally decided to take the plunge. Right after breaking fast, I drove to one of the hairdressing salons near my house. It’s bloody weird, I usually get my hair cut at a barbershop… you know where there are these really polite Indian guys who always greet you when you walk in, and gave you really good stress busting seated massages after cutting your hair. You don’t? Probably you’re not Malaysian/Singaporean… be sure to drop by one if you ever visit.

Anyway, I picked a salon where I saw a few beautiful hairdressers. I walked in and said, “My hair looks like a lion’s mane… I want it to be more manageable”. An older lady (presumably the owner), says that rebonding is what I needed, and that it’ll cost me RM180. Whatever, I just want my hair to behave.

The whole process took almost two hours! I’ve heard that rebonding is a very time consuming process… but my hair is not long… so it’s quite unexpected. Luckily, they let me smoke while waiting for my hair to absorb the keratin-laced concoction the cute hairdressers applied oh so liberally on my head.

Once the whole process is done. I can actually feel my hair becoming smoother and straighter. Hell, it actually bounced when I walked! Man, I can get use to this. However, right before paying for the service, and a few hair care products to boot, the stylist mentioned to me that I shouldn’t wet my hair at all costs for three days. WTF?! Three bloody days!

Those three days were like hell to me. I never had any bath without wetting my hair in my life. Believe me, it was hell. You know you’ve just taken a bath. You can still smell the soapy scent on your skin. But somehow, the feeling is still “unclean”.

Come Friday morning, I think I had one of the best baths I’ve ever had in my life! I can finally wet my hair! It feels like heaven… anyway, I’m now very happy with my hair… and just in time for Hari Raya.

By the way, I’ll be in KL from 26th to the 30th and thus won’t be updating HTNet.

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  1. KY Says:

    3 days? u’ll end up with a dreadlock, hahahaha.

  2. Jenn Says:

    hey .. i also had my rebonding yesterday . but my hairdresser say i can wash my hair .. but all my frens say better not to .. haha .. so now i’m suffering b’coz yesteday i’ve juz have a BBQ … haha .. but my hair din have the strong cream smell cozx my hairdressser use some other shampoo tat can wash out most of the cream tat left on my hair n avoid da smell … so do u have any problem in taking care ur hair ?? coz they say our hair will be damamaged , splits end easier to occur … den hair end will b yellowish .. but hope won’t happen to me n u … oh ya .. i’ve used to go to da barbershop tat u mentioned .. tat was i’m still young la .. my dad brought me there .. but now .. hehe … || PEACE ||

  3. michelle Says:

    Hello! I just rebonded my hair too and was wondering about the 3 day ‘abstinence’ from washing hair (that’s how I stumbled here)… anyway, my rebonding took 5 hours! But that’s because my hair is quite long… i just had a bbq… and it’s only one day since i rebonded my hair! >.

  4. FaeLLe Says:


    Can you tell me how did it work out ?

    I just got mine rebonded yesterday as well and am still nervous about it….

    My hair is FLAT and feels smooth and nice though wonder how it will be after a wash.

    I still would prefer a bit of bounce and volume right now it looks F L A T.

    Any suggestions you would like to give us ?

    Thanks and an email would be appreciated.

  5. Cat Says:

    hey.. how long are you not allowed to tie your hair up? thanks πŸ™‚

  6. andie Says:

    hey i had my rebonding yesterday..its all straight now but yet i could feel it bit frizzy from back.. my beautician sayz it will be okay afetr 3 dayz when they have called me in again for the hair wash .. do u think its normal after rebonding or is something to worry abt? reply asap plz..thnks cheers

  7. Site Admin Azmeen Says:

    She’s right… Just don’t wet your hair in those three days.

  8. cy Says:

    hey..i got my hair rebonded a day and a half ago…after the 2 to 3 days without washing…the wash that i take is tht supposed to be with shampoo and conditioner or jus water…???

  9. Annie Says:

    i just got my hair rebonded a day ago. can anyone recommend a good/suitable shampoo and conditioner for post rebonding care?

  10. Site Admin Azmeen Says:

    cy, I’d recommend shampoo and conditioner.

    Annie, personally, I find mild shampoo and conditioner formulated for babies and children to be the nicest. You might want to seek advise from your stylist πŸ™‚

  11. Annie Says:

    thanks Azmeen. shall try that.

  12. Corrine Says:

    I want to go in for rebonding and want to know if it really does last after the first wash. Does one need to iron their hair or blowdry once you’ve had rebonding done? How long does it last?


  13. wen Says:

    I highly recommend rebonding,. . i’ve been having my hair rebonded for two years.. i really recommend this specially to those that have frizzy, curly or unmanageable hair like mine.. rebonding process is about 4-9 hours depending on the length or on the state of your hair.. after having your hair rebonded,.. you must not wash it for 2 or 3 days.. then just use a conditioner for a week.. you don’t need to iron your hair.. just simply let it dry.. or it would be better if you will use fan.. or blow dry it on a moderate temp.. use your fingertips when drying your hair,..this will help you avoid breakage of hair strands..and will let the natural oil of your hair come out..when it comes in cleaning your hair.. as for me.. I use a conditioner everyday.. never want to miss it!.. then only use the shampoo every other day.. and as what my hair stylist always say..”shampoo your scalp, not your hair”.. because dust from the hair will be easily removed even with conditioner and water.. and if you want your rebond effect last longer,.. do not shampoo your hair everyday.. but be sure to rinse it thoroughly..

    For the first month of your rebond,..don’t use hair clips or any accessories to your hair.. and don’t place you hair under your ears.. as much as possible.. avoid you hair to be exposed to the sun.. and maintain a hair treatment like henna wax to improve you hair.. do this at least once or twice a month.. rebond really lasts.. only the hair that grew will be rebonded again.. and if you think that your hair didn’t improve after rebond.. go back to the salon and complain.. ask them to do it again, of charge.. rebond will not damage the hair even if it is reapplied over and over again.. that’s all!..hope that i helped you with this..(^^,)

  14. mik Says:

    i usually have my hair rebonded every six months.. just to straighten the hair that grew..

  15. chwg Says:

    Planning to get my hair rebonded today.. I hope its silky straight with some bounce too… wonder hw I’m gonna look.. hope it doesnt damage my hair..very concerned u see…

  16. Pink Says:

    I hope so too that it wont be harmful, if it has been harmful to anyone plz let us know. I want to do rebonding this week. Plz reply

  17. alex Says:

    hi everyone i was just reading up on this rebonding thing and well i have very frizzy and dry hair o and its also curly. well i was wondering if it would be something to consider because i want soft hair, and i tried so many products but they never seem to work. so my questions are if i should consider getting it done (even to im a guy) will i be thought of as wired or idonno made fun of. (im in high school) and does it make the hai strait or just really soft? if its to strait then will it be a big noticeable difference?…. and im sorry but last question will it allow me to be able to spile it or will the gel dry it out again?

  18. kits Says:

    i’m gonna get my hair done this month,, one thing i just hate about hair rebonding, it makes your hair look really flat, is there a way to add volume to your treated hair?

  19. anita Says:

    hi .. gonna get rebonded hair soon … but yet i m confused ,i love ma hair i dun want to lose them . already facing problems of hair fall and danruff . plz do tell me should i go for it …

  20. alex Says:

    can some one please answer my above qustions?

  21. Site Admin Azmeen Says:

    Hi Alex,

    I prefer to let other visitors do the replies, but since nobody is answering…

    If you can afford it, I think that you should go rebonding if you really want straight and softer hair. No hair products I’ve tested gives the rebonding effect.

    I’m a guy too and I rebonded my hair. I couldn’t care less what others think of it, because I’m the one who has to live with it. You shouldn’t either, if you’re comfortable with rebonding your hair… then why not.

    Rebonding makes your hair straight and soft. Depending on the volume of your hair, it may be or may not be instantly noticable.

    The effects of styling gel and/or mousse depends on its chemical contents. I’d suggest that you not apply a lot of gel or mousse for at least three months after the rebonding process.

  22. alex Says:

    thanks alot i think i will get it done to my hair i wanted to be able to spike it though but its still good, ill still be able to do different styles, because there is only 2 ways i can do my hair now and its boreing to me. thanks alot for answering!.

  23. alex Says:

    but did you really mean no gel until after 3 months? and what if its acohol free?

  24. Site Admin Azmeen Says:

    Hi Alex,

    I said “not a lot”. Alcohol-free gel should be OK, but you shouldn’t use too much of it due to the hardening effect.

  25. alex Says:

    oo ok thanks

  26. nickie Says:

    i normally had a soft and silky hair with an aerage texture but i would like to add more volume and texture to it .can anyone tell me whether under going rebonding process would add volume to my hair. im a bit worried that it would be flat and give a bad look.

  27. alex Says:

    hi i am wondering where can i find a solon that would do rebonding?

  28. Annie Says:

    hi, i had my hair ‘rebonded’ about 6 months ago (early sept 2006). Now the ends are all curved/bended outward, whatever, i hope you guys know what i mean. Dont know what to do with it, shall i rebond it or trim it?

  29. TY Says:

    I’m a guy. I was wondering what is the shortest required hair length to have a rebond performed on?

  30. Cathia Says:

    hi, i will be doind a rebonding sunday, which means in 2 days, i’m a little freak out, coze a love my hairs and i’m not interested in having straight hairs. what i love about my hair is that it’s straight on the top and a little curly a the bottom. i’m kind of forced to do the rebonding as i’ll be doing a fashion show for l’oreal and the one who’ll be doing my hair wants to do tat. πŸ™ he says i’m lucky coze i’m having it free. i’m afraid it will damaged my hair and he don’t want to tell me just to be able to show his creation to the fashion show. honestly, does it damaged the hair? i’ll also be doing a coloration afterwards

  31. leonard Says:

    Hi, just wondering how you people manage to take bath without getting your hair wet during the 3 days not washing your hair ? I normally use the shower cap but my hair is rather long and its difficult to get all the hair into the cap without tying it up(you’re also not supposed to tie it up). Please let me know how to do it. Thanks.

  32. sarah Says:

    im found this site really give me more information esp. about hair rebonding. im planning to rebond my hair but afraid does my hair will still flat straight if im wearing a ‘tudung’ just after the process done? n wht is the best product to use after rebonding as i have no problem with dandruff or oily scalp but a lil’ bit dried hair. pls reply asap.tq

  33. sarah Says:

    so sad, could anyone answer my question?

  34. Site Admin Azmeen Says:

    Hi sarah,

    First of all, I’m sorry for your sadness. However, I usually let my visitors do the replying.

    I’m a male, therefore, I have zero experience about tudungs πŸ™‚

    My main concern if I were in your position is that rebonded hair tends to to follow the shape of its ‘container’. Probably your hair might be curled due to the effect of the ‘anak tudung’.

  35. lionWill Says:

    IÒ€ℒm a guy. I was wondering what is the shortest required hair length to have a rebond performed on?”

    I also have the same question. what is the shortest hair suitable ? for girl and guy.

  36. Site Admin Azmeen Says:


    My answer would be “about shoulder length”… for either guy or girl. Bear in mind that you’re asking a question that I can only give a “relative answer” to.

  37. lionWill Says:

    What is you hair length b4 you did your rebonding then? πŸ˜€ . I don’t think guy normally keep long hair aite?

  38. Site Admin Azmeen Says:

    Almost shoulder length, but not quite. The hair at the front and top portion of my head was roughly 8 inches long when I did my rebonding process. Those at the back were shorter.

  39. lionWill Says:

    azmeen, nice of you , tq for giving feeback, appreacite you so much. and so the readers.

  40. Site Admin Azmeen Says:

    No prob. I try my best to help πŸ™‚

  41. Bebe Says:

    I love my hair since I had rebonding last September 2006. I do not need to style it…….only blow dry after shower and it’s ready. It is bouncy and feels really good to touch….so straight and silky. There are Salon shampoos and conditioner intended for rebonded hair use…….that is all you need to maintain it. I will have my regrowth rebonded soon too.

    PS: I actually had my rebonding done in the Philippines…..they seem to know what they’re doing there and it was intended for Asian hair in the first place. Or I stand corrected if I’m wrong…….but I am pretty sure I read an article about it somewhere.

  42. sarah Says:

    hi azmeen, thnx 4 d feedback. well, it seem like i have to cut short of my hair .perhaps, it wouldnt curl too obviously, rite. anyway, thnks 4d advise.

  43. shawati Says:

    hai, sy ade request kt bro azmeen.. saminggu yg lepas sy ade buat rebonding pd rmbut sy tp selepas 1 week, br sy realise yg sy sbnrny x sesuai dgn rambut lurus disebabkn muka sy yg agak bulat. dlu sy berambut wavy dan bukan curly. jd, nak tanya, ada tak any product d pasaran yang boleh mengembalikan rambut kte kpd rambut yg asal atau dgn kate lain, produk yg dpt buang chemical ingredients sewaktu buat rebonding? hmm, n then, selain beli product tu (kalau ada), ada tak apa2 cara yg boleh kta buat sendiri d rumah spy rambut kta kembali ke bentuk asal.

    sya ada terdengar product from loreal bagus utk baiki rambut yg rosak, it’s true? itu je, dan sya harap bro azmeen dpt membalas soalan sya. πŸ™‚

  44. Levi Says:

    Hello. I am from the Philippines and right now it’s around 36degrees or higher here. I just had a hair rebond about 4 hours ago and the hairstylist told me not to wash or even wet my hair for THREE DAYS. It’s so hot here that I want to wash my hair now even if I stay in an airconditioned room. Is it possible for me to wash it on the second day? Or are there other alternatives to put on my hair when I wash it? Because I swear it will be hell for me even on the first day of not washing my hair. Hope to have good responses. Thanks!

  45. Chie Says:

    Hi! I’m just new here,and my question is could anyone recommend which salon is better to go for hair rebonding? thanks so much!

  46. Mary Says:

    I just had my hair rebonded yesterday. Its true , the hair texture is now very soft, very straight. The problem is that my hair is so FLAT. I wanted straight hair but not flat. Before I had thin curly hair and I wanted my hair to be more manageable. Now, I feel really weird. Can something be done to change this flat hair. I feel so uncomfortable.

  47. emeraldz Says:

    Hi! I find this site informative ’bout hair rebonding. I can’t help but join coz I’m planning my hair be rebonded. I always tie up my hair. Otherwise I will look like a “scared cat”. My hair is a little bit curly but with fine strands. i’ve had enough hair straightening even in the most expert one coz my newly grown hair always becomes frizzy and more unmanageable than my original hair. for 3 yrs. I have no other treatment in my hair but an ocassional hot oil and the usual conditioner daily and shampoo every other day. Now I’m a little bit scared of rebonding that it might get me back to a 3 yrs. healing period. Could anyone gave me an assurance that the regrowth hair will not be messy than the original after rebonding? Or if I’ll be in rebonding every 6 mos. for maintenance is it ok or no side effects like more hair fall(than the normal) or cause more white hairs. I will highly appreciate everyone’s reply.

  48. ivy Says:

    hi! i have the same question as the one below. i just had my hair rebonded five hours ago.

    please do respond. πŸ™‚

    “Is it possible for me to wash it on the second day? Or are there other alternatives to put on my hair when I wash it? Because I swear it will be hell for me even on the first day of not washing my hair.”

  49. Site Admin Azmeen Says:


    You could do that, but at the risk of the chemicals not being fully absorbed by your hair.

  50. neri Says:

    i just rebonded my hair like a day ago.
    i was just wondering if i could use like a styling wax to style my hair so it wouldn’t look too flat???

  51. rochelle Says:

    This website is very informative. I just got back from the Philippines and had my hair rebonded there about a week ago. It is very hot and humid there. I tried my best to keep my hair from getting wet for three days by wearing a shower cap, but like others, the sides and nape got wet as I washed my face. As someone has mentioned, after the 3rd day we can start washing our hair with only conditioner for a week. But we had such a long flight back to the U.S. and our home in New Mexico that I just had to wash my hair with shampoo and conditioner when we arrived. I’ve been regular conditioners and 5 minute conditioners since then and plan on buying a hot oil treatment. I, too, have lots of hair and thin strands. So far most of my hair is still straight and soft and easy to style by using a blowdryer and hairbrush or just letting it dry and using fingertips.

  52. Rochelle Says:

    I forgot to mention that I used a hairclip under the shower cap to help keep my hair from getting wet during those 3 days.

  53. Site Admin Azmeen Says:

    Rochelle: Thanks for sharing your useful tips πŸ™‚

  54. lionWill Says:

    Bro Azmeen,

    after 3 or 4 month of your rebonding, I’m sure your hair will grow, 2 to 4 inches, then how do you maintain the new growth?

    Is it better to redo the whole hair or to do the touch up?.
    some say that if we apply rebonding to the same part previously, the hair will be zig zag :(. is that a myth?.

  55. Site Admin Azmeen Says:


    After that length of time, the rebonding effect would wear off.

    Personally, I did a “hair ironing” process then. But I regret doing so. It made my hair very unmanageable and I cut it short not long after that.

    If you have the time and budget, I think it’s better if you go for another rebonding session.

  56. tsedkenu Says:

    i had just rebonded my hair 3 days ago. i’m from the philippines and its very hot here, i can’t wait for 3 days just not to wet my hair so after 24 hrs i washed it but i regret after doing this. my hair is now with curve line at the back caused by pony tail coz the temperature is very hot i want to tie it up. is it possible if i will go back to my hairdresser and had my hair rebonded again. does it will not dry my hair? pls help me!!!!do i need to rest my hair first before i will ask my hairdresser to rebond my hair again just to remove the curve line at the back

  57. Site Admin Azmeen Says:


    Awww… that sucks. I think that your hairdressers will be more than happy to take more money from you πŸ™‚

    However, you might want to give your hair some rest though. Rebonding is quite stressful for the hair.

    Personally, I think you should only go for re-treatment after a month.

  58. lionWill Says:


    People says that if you do it again in very short time, it will do more damage to your hair. maybe a treatment is beetr for you. if thing still look no good, than maybe you could consider haircut .

    to do rebonding again? I’m afaid that my rebonded part of my hair will get ‘hangus’ if I do it again. and some say, it will turn to be ‘zig zag’ .

    But some say if you rebonded again(redo it) after 5 or 6 months, your hair will look even better.

    hurmm, which one should i believe ? %O

  59. Mimi Says:

    i got my hair rebonded 2 weeks ago. it took 5 hours on my shoulder length hair and the result was longer, softer, straighter hair for the first time in my life i could just blow dry and get stick straight tresses. the 3 days after rebonding were hell for me. its really hot and humid where i live so its very hard to keep hair dry after going out in the sun because of sweating. Anyway those days passed and i went back for a wash. after the wash the stupid hair dresser cut 2 inches of my hair as she said my hair is too damaged on the ends. i thought they looked great and for the first time i had waist length straight hair and they looked quite sexy. my face looked sooooo thin and pretty. but the crazy b**** cut my hair. then she told me not to use any oil or anti-frizz serum on my hair for atleast 2 months and she told me to come back every month for a hair treatment. what the hell?? how can oil or serum ever be bad for hair?? does anyone have anything to say about this. anyway, its been 2 weeks and my hair is still straight after washing and don’t even require blow drying. looks beautiful but a very lengthy process. lots of after care required. best of luck people. plz tell me if i can use hair serum or not?

  60. Mimi Says:

    Dear Admin Azmeen
    I just wanna add that by making this website, you have done a great job. I’m really grateful to you and i’m sure there are many others just like me who can’t find a lot of good info about rebonded hair on the net. Its really helpful. Thanks for taking the time to hear out our concerns and for helping many frizz balls like myself. πŸ™‚

  61. Site Admin Azmeen Says:

    Hi Mimi,

    I believe that oil and serum may affect you newly rebonded hair. Specifically, it can cause build-up or some chemical reaction with the keratin or other chemicals used in the rebonding process.

    However, as you know, I’m not a hairstylist, so you might want to ask the opinion of a few hairstylists on whether or not applying specific oil or serum can adversely affect your hair.

    Sorry I couldn’t be more helpful.

    And yes, thank you for your kind praises. I’m merely sharing my experience and hope that it will benefit others.

  62. pinkie Says:

    my hairs are really thin but thin but they are so many!it is difficult to manage them and they are rough and dry too.plz give me someips to manage them>do u prefer me rebonding?

  63. pinkie Says:

    hi mimi,
    sorry i typed the wrong spellings,i meant to say that give me some tips and i forgot to mention that my hairs are curly to from roots to tip,pleaze reply soon.

  64. Site Admin Azmeen Says:


    How long is your hair at present?

  65. pinkie Says:

    thank you for replying!My hairs are about shoulder length.

  66. Site Admin Azmeen Says:


    No prob. I think it’ll be worth a try, if you have the budget and patience.

    Taking care of rebonded hair can be quite a chore, especially during the first week.

  67. Anie Says:

    hi Sarah,

    just wannna ask you, have you solve your problem? why not you just go to the salon and ask the hairstylist opinion about that cause me too had the same problem. i gonna ask them about that.

  68. joy Says:

    Hello everyone,
    I have my hair rebonded last year july 2006. I have folowed what the beautician instruct me what not to do after hair rebonding. First do not wash or wet your hair for at least three days and also do not tie your hair. My hair is still shiny and beautiful. thank’s to whoever invented hair bonding..
    joy of iwakuni japan

  69. amy Says:

    hi. i jus rebonded my hair not many hours ago. erm, how am i supposed to bathe w/o wetting my hair? and is asience shampoo and conditioner suitable for washing?
    my fringe just all drops down, looks as if it’s w/o any it supposed to be like that ?
    thanks everyone =]

  70. Viji Says:

    i rebonded 5 months ago. i had a stong and wavy hair but not curly. i rebonded and i m taking care as my beautician said( like shampoo followed by conditioner like matrix ).I have too much of hair fall straight from roots.
    Please advice

  71. stars Says:


    after reading so much about all the rebonding experiences… seemed like no help provided to the “after rebonding hairs” (for those who rebonded their hair at least after 6 months/ or those natural hairs which grew out with the curves even before 6 months)

    just wondering is there any helps provided for the hairs which grew out after rebonding.

    u see, i rebonded my hair this year end jan 2007. now is sept and the top of my hair is already growing out all my natural hair with the curves (slight)… and it’s getting more obvious that the curves doesn’t “match” with my rebonded hair.

    Can anyone please help? if i need to rebond again on the curves part, i’m afraid it will spoil my hair.


  72. liz Says:

    I had my hair rebonded just yesterday. When I woke up this morning my hair on the left side of my ear has a “fly away shape”. What can I do about it. I’m hesistant to call my hairdresser because he doesn’t speak/understand english well. an example, I asked him what conditioner do they use at the salon, he said “yeah, yeah,” I asked him again he pointed me to the counter where they sell products,he showed me a jar of Wella In-Depth treatment, so I just didn’t bother, but man! he does wonders with my hair when he cuts it and yesterday my rebonded hair was amazing, even my husbank noticed it (I thought he wouldn’t, but he did). the fly away issue heck a making me upset. help pls.

  73. liz Says:

    hello again!
    what product maintenance should i use for my hair after a rebond? I appreciate your help. Thanks

  74. nikki Says:

    heloo!!!!!i got rebonding yesterday.they said no wash or wet for whole week!!!got to go back in 1 week.theyll chech resuts.and i gota buy really really expensiv shampoo.paul mitchel. they said if i dont use it my hair rebonding may loose its effects.true??or i can use any other shampoo and conditioner????????plz!!!!!!!!help!

  75. Site Admin Azmeen Says:


    Rebonding is not a once-off process. Those who are serious about keeping their hair straight would usually repeat the process once every 3 to 6 months.


    I’m a firm believer in the wonders of “light” shampoos that doesn’t strip the bounce from your hair. Personally, I use and recommend baby shampoo. But again, I’m no hairdresser!


    Hairdressers usually do that to get as much money as they can from you.

  76. Nana Says:

    it seens that nobodey is willing to answer the questions i awited for people to answer, so why not ask them again myself…

    will you plzz tell me if there is anyway i can give volume to my hair after rebonding, i really hate the way turned out to be, it’s very straight and FLAT, is there anyway i can change that and give my hair some volume and a wavy bouncing look.

  77. Site Admin Azmeen Says:


    Rebonding is a hair straightening process. Hair with volume implies that it should have some degree of curl in it.

    Therefore rebonding was probably the wrong process to pursue if you wanted a “wavy bouncy look”.

    All is not lost though, I’d recommend that you slightly curl the mid to end portions of your hair using big curlers.

    Just be sure that the curls are directed inwards.

    Again, I’d like to disclaim that I am not a professional hair stylist. Everything mentioned here is my personal opinion as a layman.

  78. Nana Says:

    thx azmeen, i’d do that πŸ™‚

  79. aisya Says:

    ahaha.. they sure treat tis website as a Q&A! Thx for posting ur experience doin rebonding Azmeen. Many ppl especially local like me need this first-hand info. Awesome.

  80. Site Admin Azmeen Says:


    I’m quite surprised about it myself to be honest!

    I’m glad that we can share experiences with each other though πŸ™‚

  81. Nora Says:

    I did hair rebonding last month. I wash my hair after 3 days as mentioned by my beautician. The problem here my hair still looks curl here and there. I feel very sad. And plan to do it my self at home with my sister. Do you think possible to do it by myself. How/where to get the good product. Please give me an advise. THANKSSSSSS.

  82. thara Says:

    I done rebonding just 10 days back, after one week i washed my hair with shampoo and conditioner, but the results are not good, now i look like an african girl, is their any way to get staright hair, as my hair was henna treated but nearly 2 and half month i didnot apply henna before to rebonding. Also please advise when can i apply oil to my hair or other treatments.

  83. thara Says:

    please can anyone reply to my query i am urgently need suggestion and experts advise. Its about 15 days now afteri did my rebonding. Can I ask my beautician to iron my hair again.

  84. lacrymosa Says:

    i rebounded my virgin hair about three years ago and it lasts a year. My hair started wavy and i decided to have it rebound back. I went to other saloon that offers me with a great prize of hair rebounding. I underwent the process with a very hurt and painful as the hairstylist did it harshly. After the process ended, i found a lot of my hair fell on the grown and it seems like i can make another head with that falling-off hair of mine. My scalp was burn and totally broken. My hair became fragile, unruly and looks like a frizz-ball. I was so ashamed of having that kinda hair and i went to the hair specialist to treat my hair back to the normal. Now, after three years i decided to rebound my hair back but have it done with my hair specialist.What do u think? Should i just shoot for it or knock it down?

  85. fatmina Says:

    i want to know if there is heavy hair fall after rebonding.
    i got my hair done in july 07 and still my hair fall is much heavier than ever .wat should i do about it?

  86. Jeri Says:

    I’m not a hairstylist…
    Based on experience, I use coconut milk on my hair. Grind coconut, squeeze its milk (do not mix with water) apply it on my hair, cover it with a plastic wrap, leave it on for 3 hours then wash it with shampoo. It worked with me because I still have thick black hair.

  87. Jeri Says:

    And by the way, don’t worry if your rebonded hair goes back to normal curves. You can rebond it again once you have treated your hair loss. After all, a thick hair is still more important than a straight but balding hair because of hair loss. Huh?? I have not heard of a hair transplant yet. Is there? Goodluck…

  88. Jeri Says:

    For my rebonding experience, I just had it a week ago. I did not wet my hair for two days. Before taking a bath on the 3rd day, I beat one egg (yolk and white), put it on my hair, covered it with plastic wrap for about 30 minutes. After that, I washed my hair with a BABY shampoo to take away the sticky egg and odor. I immediately washed the shampoo thoroughly then applied conditioner massaging it through my hair from roots to tips. Then, after 2 minutes, I rinsed it thoroughly, damped it with a towel to take away dripping water, then I let it dry naturally using my hands. (I don’t use blowers.) It feels good. My hair looks shiny, straight and light even if I did not apply any oil, cream, serum or styling gel at all. By the way, I have a short haircut with bangs. I purposely cut it short so I won’t be tempted to ponytail my hair or put some clips on it while it is still fragile from rebonding chemicals. And I find it more manageable and easy to maintain that way. I really hate split ends that is why I keep on researching for ways to maintain its straightness at the same time keeping it healthy. So that’s it for now, I’m still surfing the internet for more tips on how to maintain rebonded hair naturally. So far, the EGG seems to be the most handy one. Watch out for more….

  89. Deepa Says:

    Just to share my experience. I got my hair rebonded 4 days ago and just washed my hair yesterday.This is my 5th rebonding. I religiously rebond my hair once a year due to the nature of my hair (frizzy, out of direction curls and unmanageable). I feel great whenever I rebond my hair as my hair feels light and soft. Maintanence is low, though you will have to do the necessary like monthly treatments. My hairstylist always reminds me to apply serum on my hair to avoid dryness. For the past few years, I have been following her advice and I do not see any problem due to applying serum or any kind of hair oil onto my hair. The first 3 days are always the toughest challenge for not being able to wash or tie you hair. But after that think of the great hair that you are going to have for the next one year.

  90. Sarah Says:

    i’m Sarah, and i have very frizzy and unmanageable hair.
    i highlighted my hair two and a half months ago.
    i have been visiting different salons and everybody is giving me different advice.
    some people say that with highlighted hair, rebonding is dangerous and will cause hairfall and will damage the roots.
    So i’m confused what to do.
    kindly let me know if rebonding is safe on highlighted hair.

  91. Anamika Chhabra Says:

    Hi, cud anebody pls tell me, whether rebonding could be got done on henna applied hair. I wanna get rebonding done, but i was a regular henna user before one month back when i gotto 9 dat henna is harmful if u wanna get rebonding done.Problem is, i have around 30-35 grey hair. So for dat i’d 2 apply henna. now i have stopped it bcz i’ll b getting rebonding done after some time. So what is the alternative solution 4 my grey hair. Is henna really dat harmful or i can continue giving a touch-up of henna on my grey hair n still can get rebonding done. Pls respond. Waiting………..

  92. Site Admin Azmeen Says:


    It all depends on the chemicals contained in the highlight dye. Some chemicals react negatively with heat (from the rebonding iron) or keratin (the main chemical used in rebonding “cream”).


    I’m confused, what is your question actually:

    1. Can rebonding be performed on henna applied hair? Or…
    2. Can you apply henna on rebonded hair?
  93. Anamika Chhabra Says:

    Dear Azmeen,

    thanks 4 d concern
    Actually, both the questions you have mentioned, i want 2 ask.
    Q1. I wanna ask can rebonding b applied on henna applied hair, bcz mine r henna applied ones n wanna go 4 rebonding, so shud i go 4 it or wait?

    Q2. I also wanna ask can i apply henna on rebonded hair, bcz i hv few grey tresses, so 2 keep them un-noticed, can i apply henna on hair even after i’ve got rebonding done, or i’d have to use some other coloring tech.’s like vella or l’oreal colors?

    Pls respond..

  94. Anamika Chhabra Says:

    Cud i pls expect an early reply from u ppl!!!


  95. Jeri Says:


    I just want to know if it is it OK to use hair straigtening irons on a newly rebonded hair? Thanks for the reply…
    You know what, I have been reading this comments before I finally decided to have my hair rebonded. I am very grateful because I find all your experiences very helpful, especially for me who just rebonded my hair for the first time. Thank you so much!!!

  96. Site Admin Azmeen Says:


    I have a friend who applied henna on her rebonded hair and it looks pretty nice to me.


    I got my hair ironed around four months after my rebonding. I regretted it because my hair looked horrible after that.

    Worse still, it felt unhealthy that I cut it short a week afterwards.

    I can’t recommend anyone to just do ironing after having their hair rebonded. But hey, your mileage may vary.

  97. Jeri Says:


    Really?… nice to know. I want the straightness to last. So I guess, I’ll stick to eggs and mayonnaise (yacks!! it smells bad though and messy) Anything to maintain smooothness of my hair at the least expense. (lol)

    Thank you. Keep posting comments. I love reading them. They’ve been a good help. Experience is the best teacher, they say…

  98. Jeri Says:


    The reason why I’m very conscious about my hair now is that I have been having my hair relaxed once every year since 2001. Last Sept 2006, I got bored with straight hair so I had it permed, then, I had it relaxed again after 3 months. Then, had it permed again last Oct. 2007, but since I did not like the way it was permed, I went back to have it rebonded AFTER A MONTH. The hairdresser also told me, hair relax is more damaging than rebonding. But how true is it???

    Now, I’m satisfied with my hair but I fear damage because my hair has been through a lot for this year, that is, perm and rebonding, both strong process. But, so far, the egg helped. (yaks!!) Thanks again.

  99. niki Says:

    is it advisabLe to rebond your hair evn its not that thick??
    and what d difference wth rebond and relax or semi-rebond???

    pLs i need a repLy bcoz i dont want to risk my virgin hair(evn its unmanegeabLe)

    Pls i ned a repLy.. thank you.

  100. shiela Says:

    i really love my rebonded hair, it so straight and not frizzy anymore, I used shampoo every other day and I always take conditioner everyday.

  101. KARISSA Says:

    iÒ€ℒm 14 and i origionally live in the U.S. but i came to the plilippines to visit some family over christmas break. my hair is smooth and with natural big spiral curls, not bad at all i actually love my hair but i just would like a change. my aunt decided that she wouldnt mind taking me to get my hair rebonded with her. the appointment is tommarow and iÒ€ℒm sort of nervous, i have been doing research on the internet about the process and results for guidlines. even though its december, its still very hot and humid here in the philippines and i am worried about small amounts of sweat for i hear tha people get bad results from that. my hair is also not chemically treated, virgin as some people say. i was just wondering if yu have any good tips for me being in the philippines and all and its hot\humid with the occasional sprinkle. gahhÒ€¦

  102. Nana Says:


    If you love your hair the way it is then you definitely won’t like it rebonded, this was my mistake, my hair was thick and bouncy and i actually loved it, but for a change i rebonded it, and now its flat,straight but flat and has no life, it does not bounce after rebonding…

    my advise is keep your hair the way it is and do not take the risk, because once you rebond it, it never goes back to what it normally looked like

  103. MRA Says:

    i just recently came back from the philippines where i got my hair rebonded. now after a week i am starting to notice a lot of my hair falling out especially when i comb my hair after getting out of the shower. is this normal or should i be concerned with all the hair that i am losing. my hair is already thin enough and i dont need more of my hair falling out. i hate this rebonding its so flat. what would you recommend i do. please help!!! thanks

  104. Rosy Says:


    I just had my hair rebonded yesterday. Like some of you mentioned, my hair is now F L A T. I quite worried as before it used to be curly with lots of volume. The only problem was that I was lazy to use the hairdryer to style my hair. Thats why I tried the rebonding. I am not sure how it will look after I wash but I fear it will be Flat. My hairdresser has told me to wait for 4-5 days before washing it and even that I have to go to the saloon for the wash. He has also recommended a specific shampoo, after treatment plus a serum.

    I had gone to the salon for a simple haircut and my hardresser suggested rebonding which I agreed to on the spur of the moment. My advice to those of you who are unsure about it is to think twice before doing it because once you get your hair rebonded, it will never go back to its original style. You will have to wait for new hair to grow which is a lenghty process.

  105. violet Says:


    i just got rebonding for my hair yesterday.i had always want a manageable hair (coz my hair looks frizzy n dry at d end,hard to keep plus it keeps falling)…it was a tiring 3hours for my super long hair..but worth it my hair looks soft and manageable and it doesn’t not fall anymore..i like it very much(although can’t wash it for 3 grueling days)..but it won’t be fussy for me to keep it up becoz my hair is already straight at the upper part of hairdresser only recommend for me to come for monthly treatment only.i am sure gonna come back to him..thanx Boy!

  106. Amy-zing Says:

    Harro all,
    I just rebonded my hair today for RM168 (free treatment and cut) in The Color Shop (Giant Senawang branch), and I have to say they have done an excellent job. Was trying to get that Rihanna-PoshSpice asymmetrical bob and I think i’ll get there soon-ish after the 2-day abstinence from washing.They were a bit scandalized that i want my hair that way, coz typical lala tend to want that “cutesy” symmetrical cut with lopsided bangs … AAA!!! Had to put my foot down and tell them to listen to me instead of turning me into a lala.

    Either way, for those of u who cringes over the 2 or 3 days of abstinence, just hang in there, its worth it. And those of you who’re not sure how to handle the small maintenance problems, here’s a couple of tips:-

    #1. If you worry about the oily-ness and the waxy-ness of unwashed hair during abstinence:-
    – Put some baby talk onto your hair. It absorbs the oil, and doesnt add any unwanted additives to your hair. dont worry abt having “white” hair like a fake grandma, just brush it off and shake it off.

    #2. If you worry about getting flat darth-vader helmet hair:-
    – After the 3-day abstinence, wash your hair with the shampoo recommended for rebonded hair, or if u are under a tight budget, invest on the best super-moisturizing shampoo & conditioner you can get with your given budget. Once u’ve shampooed and conditioned, let your hair dry naturally (you dont need to be frying ur hair even more with additional heat frm hairdryer). to add more volume and have a sexy bounce, add some volumizing mousse and back comb your hair (tilt ur head down and comb from your neck to the front). of course, apply a bit of serum for extra shine and oomph.

    #3. No money/time to go salon for treatment, so how?
    – Of course going to the hair salon and being pampered is the best option. If you dont have the means to, invest on the hair masques (professional ones, please) and D.I.Y. at home once a week. Apparently these masques works best in a slightly warm room temperature coz it “opens” up the hair (whatever that means), just clingwrap your hair, and add on a towel-turban, and if you want to, just blowdry your turban-ed head for 10 minutes.

    Hope this helps.

  107. Amy-zing Says:

    oh and according to salongeek forum:-

    JD wrote “One thing you must be aware of by putting talc on your hair when it is oily, is that if you have dark hair, the talc will give you a hazy look to your hair and If you have product in there(hairspray, gels, pomade etc) the talc will stick to that also.”

    So yeah….

  108. Nana Says:

    Dear Rosy,

    I’m sorry to tell you that after washing your hair it will still be flat, and that your hairdresser is trying to take advantage of you, you don’t hav to wash it in the salon, you can simply wash your hair at home.

    you’ve done the smae mistake i’ve done, i was also lazy to use the hairdryer and my hair is now also flat and i don’t like it either. it seems that rebonding is for people that have unmanageable hair and NOT for those whohave normal hair like us.

    There are two treatments you can go for:

    I go to VLCC company do get those treatments, if you don’t have that company in your country just go to salon you TRUST and ask them tohelp you.

    1. Hair Reconstruction, this will help you get more volume, it will still NOT look the way it was before but i can assure u that once your done your hair will look much better than it does right now.

    2. Hair Vitality, this cools your scalp and help your growing hair to form naturally and healthy.

    This is my advise, plzz tell me if you founf another usefull solution. πŸ™‚

  109. anna Says:

    Hi,I just had my hair rebonded yesterday afternoon.It took about 6 hours to do for my shoulder length hair.My hairdresser also told me not to wash it for 2 full tomorrow I can wash my hair already.The good thing about having your hairdresser do this process,is he knows what you want.My hairdresser knows I have a bald spot (a scar)on the back and he did try his best to cover this spot and he knows I don’t like flat staight,so what he did while ironing it is he put some volume on the roots. I could not see the full result of what he did right now,because it’s kind of oily.He also told me if you see some wave just put hair wax to mend it and sometimes it’s good to iron it once in a while. I use to have my hair relaxed (for 3 years) but it got damage,so I had rested my hair for a year and opt for a rebond now.He said that it’s more damaging for the hair and scalp to have your hair relaxed than with rebond,which is true.I didn’t feel any pain on my scalp during the process.

  110. Masab Says:

    i haD tooooo much waves in my hair that even i cant make spikes then my hair dresser siad that a new system for hair straighting is introduced

    there are many companies for it but the best 1 is KEUNE

    DUDE i goT my hairz REBONDED almOst 4 months agO , And the hairz i rebOnded R stiLL straight , eVen the new hairz grown are still vry wavey but the REBONDED hairz r still straight . . .
    sO dont spenD mOney on geTTin useleSS straighnerz try REBONDING and feel the differnece

    {{{{ one thing to remmember, the person applying the rebonding must be a PROFESSIONAL other wise you wont get the desired results }}}}

  111. babyrhanie Says:


    i got my hair rebonded last year march and its 1 yr now and it is still looking great, you just have to use less shampoo and lots of conditioner and treatments from salon and if you know how to, you can make it your own just like i did. if you dont take good care of it it will get dry and damaged.

  112. lachu Says:

    hey guys, will rebonding damage my hair? will i’ve hairfall? plz recommend a good saloon nd an experienced stylist. nd also plz specify the after care trwatments. nd also how long will the effect last?

  113. lachu Says:

    hey guys, will rebonding damage my hair? will i’ve hairfall? plz recommend a good saloon nd an experienced stylist. nd also plz specify the after care treatments. nd also how long will the effect last?

  114. kelly Says:

    whats the best rebonding salon that you guys can recommend me? im planning to get my hair rebonded and i still have no idea where to living here in temecula California..can anyone recommend me a rebonding salon near my place? pls help me..

  115. MRS ASAD Says:


  116. Kyla Says:

    I am very much satisfied with the result of my Shiseido Rebonding. So far this is the best result I ever got since I started to have rebonding in the Philippines 5 years ago

  117. Kyla Says:

    Try to search salon near your area who uses Shiseido brand for rebonding. I have many relatives in California who had experienced of Shiseido Rebonding there. They live in San Francisco.

  118. MRS ASAD Says:

    anyone of u tried lolane or kuene for rebonding

  119. emano Says:

    i had my hair rebonded back in january in the philippines (we were there for sinulog great fun!). its been really great and has looked good until around the beginning of march. im noticing that when i shower lots of hair is coming out. not like full strands with the bulbs…just parts that are breaking off. also my hair is starting to get wavy in fact, the back of my head looks like it hadn’t been rebonded at all…is it too early to get it redone?

  120. bron Says:

    i just had my hair rebonded on thursday it took 4hrs and its so straight i cant believe it πŸ™‚ i was scared at first but i trust my hairdresser, and so far it turned out great!! But all i want to do is wash it :/ the whole 3days no washing is a killer i feel so dirty even after bathing… but if its to help keep my hairstraight its worth it :p
    Just hope it stays that way!!

  121. Sai Says:

    I got my hair straightened using L’oreal Extenso in Oct 2007, now I want to rebond it using WELLA HAIR PERMANENT STRAIGHTENER product. Is it safe to rebond after getting relaxed (6 months have passed). Please, please advice me.

  122. Reihn Says:

    Hi I’m from the Phil and I got my hair rebonded yesterday. But the stylist trimmed my hair wrong and now it’s so ugly I’m embarrassed to go out in public. Sure it’s shiny and straight but it’s WAY TOO FLAT! Thus I decided to wear my visor beret cap…

    BUT my stylist told me not to wear a cap! What should I do? Is it okay to wear a very loose cap or not?!


  123. sheila Says:


    ihave a bit curly hair and i used to to do normal straightening every 3 months so that i can manage with my hair. I heard about rebonding and i even went to a saloon to enquire abour it but my hair was too dry they asked me to treat my hair first then i will be able to do it.

    Many people told me that rebonding has dangerous side effects , we may lose hair, our hair will remain straight as they will have no life after rebonding they are dead hairs. I wish i can get the most information about rebonding so that i can assure myself before taking any steps forward this act.

  124. freespir7t Says:

    i’ve been rebonding my hair for 3 years now, fortunately mine doesn’t grow long fast enough, so i usually do the touch ups (just the roots) every 8 months or so. yes, its normal that your hair looks limp and flat the first few days, but after the second or 3rd wash, it gains back some body so dont worry too much abt it. As for those who are thinking about going for it, i would recommend it, but do remember that later, when you wish to gain back your old hairstyle, it’s gonna look pretty u.g.l.y unless of course if you shave it all off at once πŸ˜‰ I’ve never went for treatments and stuff like that and all i use is rejoice conditioner daily and an occasional hair mask (loreal elselve is excellent).

  125. sassymeh Says:

    hi you all!

    i had my hair relaxed first at david’s salon. the effect took only for 2days. i was so dissappointed! after 2 years, i had it straightened, and i even saved almost 2/3 from the amount of my first relax. for two and a half years, i let my hair rest because i had to wear hairnet for my course (nursing) during our duty days. last october 2007, i had my hair straightened again and the result was good but there was still some little waves since i really have thick black hair. early april of 2008, i had my hair colored, i think 3x, in-house only. and since i had my college graduation already last saturday, i decided to give my hair a reward, which is to have it rebonded. then, last sunday, about 2 days ago, i had it done. the rebonding process took almost 5 hours, bra level hair. my hairdresser applied protein on my hair. now im doing abstinence from taking a bath! haha! im having a hard time to find a right position while sleeping. *my hairdresser advised me to wash my hair after 3 days with conditioner alone and on the following day, use both shampoo and conditioner.
    *do not tuck my hair on the ears.
    *comb it once in a while.
    *and after a month, i can color it again.
    *after six months, if regrowing hair appears, have it rebonded again.

    oh well, im excited to have my hair washed after the 3rd day. the salon gave me a card. my rebonded hair has warranty for 7 days. if there’s no effect, they will do the whole process for free. well, i like my hair now. with the japanese layers, medium brown, and rebonded hair! perfect!

  126. GLAINE Says:

    hello.. it is okie To rebond my hair even I only relax it f0r almost 2 mos ago.. coz the hair relax only last for a week only.

  127. josh Says:

    Hi. Thanks for sharing your rebonding experience. It is very informative along with comments/posts/experiences by others. I already decided to have my hair rebonded but i still have some questions that i hope you guys can answer before i rebond my hair.

    1. Where can i have my hair rebonded here in Singapore? Ofcourse i would like to go to salons where people recommended them. It only means they’re reliable and have quality service. I just want to make sure that the stylist is a pro.

    2. How much will it cost me to have my hair rebonded? Can you give at least a rough estimate in $SGD? for a guy like me who has ear-length hair (about half of my ear is being covered by my hair).

    3. What exactly is the procedure during the rebonding process? That way, i would know if they did a “real” rebonding to my hair.

    4. Will there be any follow up session after rebonding my hair? is follow up sessions only a gimmick just to get more money from customers?

    I hope you could provide me some answers and i would be eternally grateful to you πŸ™‚ once i get your answers, i will schedule my rebonding so i can file a 1-day VL to add to my restdays (i have 2 consecutive restdays). That way, it would not be difficult for me to overcome the 3-day abstinence from wetting my hair since i’ll be just staying at home.

    Thanks in advance

  128. ken Says:

    Hi. I just rebonded my hair a week ago and I wanted to have heavy bangs. The hairstylist said that it wouldn’t look good because the ends will be like so straight and stiff so I said ok. But after that, I thought that maybe she just misunderstand me that I wanted side-swept bangs.

    Anyway, now I still want to cut my hair with heavy bangs. Can I still cut my hair? Wouldn’t it curl again if I cut it? Help please.

  129. amruta Says:

    hiii.. i m having thick wavy and curly hair.which is also very unmanageable,a frnd of mine who has done rebonding has told me 2 go 4 relaxation of hair.. i donno d difference btween the 2… actually i dont want poker straight hair..but manageable hair.i really dont want it 2 look flat or thin..plzzz guide me,i m confused whether 2 do rebonding or relaxation 4 my hair..

  130. Tanya Says:

    Hey I’m going to get my hair rebonded in a day or so for the first time. plz tell me when can i get back to my exercise regime after getting my hair rebonded? Will sweating effect the rebonding? & ya should i colour my hair before rebonding? Thanx in advance.

  131. kiran Says:

    Hi all !!!

    I decided to get rebonding done for my hair .. but I have drandruff problem. Is it advisable to go for rebonding with drandruff .

  132. Yasmeen Says:

    I’m planning on rebonding my thick curly but dyed hair.. I am wondering if someone could please tell me if rebonding looks as straight as it does when you use straightening irons? I use ghd’s and they make my hair super straight, but everyone keeps complaining about their hair being flat? Will mine go as flat as it is when i use my ghd’s or flatter?? i HOPE someone may respond please and thank you

  133. Mohamed (man) Says:

    go for it, it is simply SUPER

  134. Your Royal Highness! Says:

    Hi, I just had my Hair Rebonded last sunday, yesterday my hair was already getting oily! So today Tuesday, i’ll be washing my hair after 24 hrs. my hair is just medium length and I have fine hair!

  135. Lara Says:

    I went in for Shawarkopf Glatt Treatment for Rebonding Hair & beleive me its the best thing thats happened to me. I have a little below shoulder length hair – was pretty wavy at the bottom earlier – now its kool and straight as ever – would recommend to everyone!!

  136. dramaqueen Says:

    hi everybody!
    my hair is dry n a bit damaged..
    my hair is also thin..
    so is it ok for rebonding?
    im afraid my hair would look weird..

  137. mehreen saqib Says:

    hi i want to get my hair a new look by rebonding it.they r very wavy and have bcum dull and rough .just wanted to know that which products should i go for i mean products from which place r reliable like german or italian?help me.

  138. Fira Says:

    Hey,i just got my hair curled last week,Thursday 18th Sept.
    But i hate the way it looks! This is not what i want.the hairdresser cut my hair short,shoulder length, and curled my hair from the top. The result was very ugly! i thought of rebonding my hair tomorrow. What do u think?? i dont wanna go for Hari Raya with this ugly hair. PLZ HELP ME!!!!!!!!! ;(

  139. Fira Says:

    hello bro azmeen! i’m so glad today!! i just rebonding my hair,n i really love it! act,this is not my 1st time coz i’ve rebonding my hair last year on june. that time,my hair was long. and now,my hair is short. so a lil bit afraid to rebonding 1 more time. but now,i’m so happy! i wanna keep my hair long starting now. i really miss my long hair hell yeah! haha. sory 4 my broken english. hehe. thank you ;))

  140. Site Admin Azmeen Says:


  141. mehreen saqib Says:

    hey nobody answered my querry.just lemme know about the best products the most reliable one for hair rebonding so that i can go for it as soon as possible admin me.

  142. Site Admin Azmeen Says:


    Hair rebonding is more service oriented rather than product oriented.

    Meaning, it’s best to go for a salon that has good reviews or recommended by a friend.

  143. mehreen saqib Says:

    thanx alot azmeen bro for answering to my i can go in that direction.

  144. Fira Says:

    hey! i would like to share some tips. everytime before i wash my hair,i put some yogurt+egg on my hair.then i wrap and leave it for 30minutes.after that,i wash my hair with shampoo to remove oily on my hair.usually i wash my hair about 2-3 times with shampoo to remove oily and after that use conditioner.not too much..then let it dry itself. Try this at home!your hair will become smoother n soft.especially for rebonded hair like mine,no need to do treatment at the salon.just wasting my money. just use yogurt! πŸ˜‰

  145. Fira Says:

    oh yeah,use original flavour.dont use strawberry,blueberry flavour or else.. and only use 1 egg (yolk and white).stir it and mix with yogurt. then wrap your hair with towel and plastic. Good luck! πŸ˜‰

  146. Aru Says:


    I am from India and got my hair rebonded from a parlour yesterday. It cost me a sum close to USD 200!!! pretty expensive. My hairdreser told me that I can wet my hair but not wash them for 2 days, after which he has called me for a complementary wash at the parlour. Hence I did not take too much care while bathing today, and a lot of my hair got wet. Now I see waves at the end of a bunch of hair on the right… what to do now? can anything be done?

    Pls advice

  147. Fira Says:

    i think you should go back to the parlour.and then tell your problem.if its me,i dont think that i will wet my hair

  148. ann Says:

    hi everyone, im planning to get my hair rebonded before classes starts but im thinking if it will come out nice because my hair is thin. Its strands are thin. I’m afraid it will get my hair strands more thinner after the procedure.. Im afraid also that it will look awkward for me coz i have thin strands of hair. i hope someone will gladly answer this. i really need advice especially coming from people who has the same problem with mine. thanks.

  149. rayne03 Says:

    hi there. i just got my hair rebonded last friday. Can i re-do it since the first had no effect.

    pl. reply.. thanks

  150. Nelly Says:

    my rebonding experience …its just like 3 days no washing hair….Then on 3 months…it started becoming kinda curly….then dry….n now…its like i didnt even do rebonding…i spend lots of money on zat….N z used Shiseido stuff….Cnt look at my hair….its deformed….

  151. jin Says:

    i just had mine rebonded, and i haven’t washed my hair for 2 days. I’m really, really tempted to wash it even before the three day period. Others say you only need to abstain from washing your hair for 48 hours. i know its only a day left but my scalp is really starting to itch like hell.

  152. Pooja Says:

    The effect of rebonding depends a lot on how it is done. if it isn’t done properly, it can do more harm than good. i would suggest rebonding for people with at least slightly thick hair. rebonding on thin hair can make it really flat. but if you’re still interested in rebonding, get your hair cut in short layers. they make the hair look like it has volume. i got my hair rebonded 4 months back and it is still straight. i use loreal lis ultime shampoo and conditioner. it works great. you’re not supposed to use oil on your hair. it can cause the hair to start curling. And don’t go for rebonding if you’re interested in getting your old hairstyle back. it will look quite messy.

    hope i helped.

  153. rainbowbite Says:

    my hair is THIN and CURLY, and it looks like i haven’t tried to comb my hair for how many years!!!!that’s why i planned to have it rebonded, but im scared for it’s possible BAD effects on my hair!and the worst is, maybe if i get my hair rebonded, would you think it’ll look very ugly?cause it will make my hair more thin.
    can you give me some advice please?
    -thanks and godbless!!

  154. maica Says:

    hii..i got my rebonding last week.yesterday when i woke up i got line in my hair.what should i do?plss help me..should i iron it?pls reply asap

  155. jim Says:

    hey good people,im a guy with neck length hair and i just got my hair rebonded bout 7 and a half hours only cost me like RM120 from a senior stylist

    after it was done the guy
    didnt mention anything bout things to avoid or things to do after.then i got home and started researching about hair rebonding and found this informative site

    so it seems like i cant wet my hair for about 3 days,how bout when i sleep.sleeping usually gets ur hair messy.and the first washing after 3 days,what should i use.shampoo?conditioner? or both?and what kind of shampoo?straightening?damaging?

    and things that i have to apply on my hair,can i just get them from a department store or a pharmacy.when should i apply it? me cruel world…


  156. pooja Says:

    pls help aftr rebonding my hair are lokng like straws, saloon man is giving me L’oreal powerdoses but after washing or overnight they become the same. pls help or I,ll chop them off, which will be very painful as i “had” very healthy hair.

  157. anne1222 Says:

    pooja, try hair relaxer. go to good saloon.

  158. Paul Says:

    Azmeen, I am planning to have my hair rebonded..
    I have kinky hair and very dry hair, so I think, this is my last option, I already tried Hair Starightening but it gave me Hair Breakage and it made my Hair Super Dry… πŸ™
    I can afford everything just for my hair to be straight… πŸ™‚

    My problem is that, I only have 3inches hair, I did not have my haircut for almost 2 months (from March to April) and I would like to have it maybe by the first week of May…
    If I will just leave my hair (after rebond) for several months, will it grow straight?

    Just reply me on my e-mail… πŸ™‚

    thanks, sorry, i have lots of questions.
    I’m from the Philippines…

  159. angelie Says:

    what salon do you suggest that does rebonding but it is worth it.. my hair is kind of curly and i want it to be smooth and manageable.. HELP..

  160. NLH Says:

    hi everyone..
    juz having problem with rebounding..
    i used to it before n it tooks bout 2hours for the process..
    then my hairdresser told me not to wash my hair for 3days..
    but,lately i met my friend who do the rebounding also but at other place.she told me that the process took 6 hours and the hairdresser did not say anything bout cannot wash the hair..she also told me that the process including steaming the hair and more.i’m little bit confused now as i dunno which is better;is the one i used or my friend hairdresser??

  161. priya Says:

    yeahhh rebounding MESSED my hair up!
    i mean if u guys serious about taking care of ur hair…den do it…otherwise LOTS OF HAIR LOSS…
    u have to like leave it down…cant wear clips or anything …n lots more of stuff u shudnt do after reboudin… read dat… on google…
    plus rebounding is GREAT… bt da sideeffect is really heartbreaking… so yeah

  162. anna Says:

    hmm.. i got my hair rebonded but it didnt money got wasted..and my hair didnt look great..huhuhu..

  163. mizz Says:

    i got my hair rebonded for almost a year now and its starting to get curly again.. i’m not that sure if i would undergo the same treatment again.. one thing you can do to avoid hair fall- do not tie your hair when its starting to get the curls back.. it’ll have your hair pulled which may cause hair to fall often..

  164. Maya Says:

    Hi! I have very curly hair and I have been relaxing my hair since I was over 10 years now. However am tempted with the rebonding procedure. I have relaxed 1 month ago, please advise should a relaxed hair be rebounded and whats the real disadvantages???

    Cheers mate

  165. maryknoll Says:

    hi! i just got my hair rebonding 3 days from now..can u suggest me some contioner to use..i buy loreal conditioner,is this would be effective for my hair…?

    reply asap!

  166. maryknoll Says:

    can u suggest some salon who can do hair rebonding well?
    is david salon do better than others?

  167. akansha Says:

    hi all… i just had rebonding done yesterday and i didnt found my hairs totlly straight… i am little worried as i love my hairs too much,… before rebonding also my hairs were little straigh but not curly as some of u mentioned here,… what should i do..??? πŸ™

  168. mandymayhem Says:

    I am thinking about rebonding my hair, but i dont want to go to a salon and get it done.i feel alot better if im the one mesing it up(dont realy think that would happen, but still, i like my hair and i dont want ppl to screw it up).
    What is the best brand to use?
    my hair is about 4in longer than shoulder
    and i have highlighted parts, will that make it break more or be more sensitive afterwards?

  169. king sagar Says:

    please solve my problem, when i used this product rebounding kit, after 1 month its not working, it just leave 1 month straight. im fond of using this, i used 6 times in 10 months please answer me if you can.

  170. Marya Says:

    Had my hair rebonded and I am very happy of the results. I got a lot of compliments from relatives and co-workers. This was my first time. Hair is soft, bouncy, and lively. The stylist told me to treat my hair once every two weeks with L’Oreal Powerdose. There are so many Powerdose out there. Do I use the Powerdose Repair B?

  171. CapsCo Says:

    I have my second rebonding couple of days back after the gap of 2 months. After my first rebonding my hair stayed straight for few days and it started to curl again so my salon told me to rebond it again… after 2nd rebonding my hair became very very thin, flat, lifeless and textureless… anybody plz help me what can i do to make my hairs look better now…

  172. cindy Says:

    Meen.. your hair still straight kah? I’m thinking of getting my hair rebond this Sunday. Cannot tahan lah with the “flyaways”. Ha ha ha

  173. Site Admin Azmeen Says:

    Cin… this post is almost four years old lah πŸ™‚

  174. poonam chahal Says:

    I had my second rebonding couple of days back after the gap of 2 months. After my first rebonding my hair became rough and splitted it started to curl again.. so my salon told me to rebond it againÒ€¦ after 2nd rebonding my hair became curly again Ò€¦after wash they become straight but after sometime they curl up and look ugly. plz give me suggestions how can i straighten and smoothen my hair.. !!

  175. monique Says:


    i got my hair rebond two days ago, so i might have my hair wash today only w/ conditioner though, however my hairdresser didn’t told me about not tying up the hair so not knowing this i tied up my hair but only the bangs though…so now my bangs is getting its wavy back, i keep on combing it thinking that i might go back to straight…i dont know if it would work so anyone can help me pls?

  176. ritu Says:

    can i use antidandruff shampoo on rebonded hair??

  177. jenny Says:

    maybe i’m going to reborn my hair. but i still don’t know what saloon should i go πŸ™ any good saloon recomended that near Kuchai Lama? and school gonna reopen and i have to tie my hair but its only 1 week away from my rebornding. how can i tie my hair? πŸ™ normally, it should take 1 month only can tie the hair..but any1 got idea? T_T

  178. swati Says:

    hi all..
    i did my rebonding few months back, and its turning out to be a big disaster. i never loved my curly hair and wanted to straighten them badly. i did it a year back and my curly hair grew back to almost 6 inches, that i couldn’t help but rebond coz of my wedding. Both my straightening and rebonding was using schwartzfopf at the best place in my city. i tell u, the hair was very smooth and shiny, but right after few days, i started having terrible hairloss.
    to be honest, i am scared of taking hairwashes coz the whole bathroom will be filled with hair, it just keeps on coming off my scalp, though i use my fingers to manage them. Now, i just want all my curly hair to grow back soon and i’ll never ever recommend hair straightening or rebonding to anyone.. !

  179. Jene Says: planning to have my hair rebonded after 2 days but want to tie it up after rebonding it…can i? because i always tie it…HELP!!!!

  180. Erin Says:

    Hi. I’m 12 years old. I got my hair rebonded in Davao Philippines. I got it in mid-march and today it’s still looking fine as ever. The process took about 7-8 hours. The stylist said the longer the process the better. I think the process of rebonding is better in the philippines because instead of paying $300 or more, you pay about $100-150 (3,000 pesos)so it’s better in the philippines than it is in america or anywhere else in the country.

  181. Nadia Says:

    Well………….i hav done bonding……….and if you ask me its way better than curly hair…………its not like i hate my curly hair,but rebonding helps you to maintain your hair:).Thought this info might be useful for many of you,who are doing it for the very first time……….believe me…….when i first did it i was so damn worrid coz,i didnt know anything about it.Lets start with the amount of hours you hav to wait to do it……….,dis depends on the thickness of your hair,also the length………..d thicker…d greater amount of hours.Once you finish with the bonding…… have to wait for 3 days without allowing water to strike it.Now,the problem arrises as to how to hav a body wash…………without allowing a lil water to strike…..easy!use a small peg,nd clip it into your hair…… clip it loose………and try having a quick wash……coz you wont want the hair to take d shape of your twist.If you find it sooooooooo tough…….i mean let loosing your hair………use a tiny peg……remember to plug only a few strands into your peg…….2.once you complete your three entire days……….you’ll have to go for a deep comditioning treatment to the salon.Or else seek advice from your hair dreasser as to how to deep condition at home:).3.if you ask me how long i stayed without using a band……….i mean tying the hair,i did it for a month.After that,you can tie it………ba incase your hair takes the shape of your twist…………RELAX!!!!!!!!!!!!!take it easy …………..coz its only till you hav another bath……(THIS IS AFTER THE THERE DAYS),once you have it,its back to normal.Afterwords……..remember after this process,its damaged hair friends!…………..relax!!!!!……..nothings gona happen if you maintain your hair….:),meaning do conditioning to your hair properly………..hope these tips were useful to all of you…….will be glad to help you with more info if you want:)

  182. Nadia Says:




  183. wella Says:

    hi, i’ve experience rebonding a week ago, my problem is, can i cut my hair to have some style? pls.. i nee help.. asap thanks

  184. Jasmine Says:

    hi, I’ve just rebond my hair a day ago and i was wondering if you could tie your hair two days after you rebond? pls reply asap.. thks a lot!

  185. erin Says:

    jasmine, dont tie your hair up for at least a month. that’s what my stylist told me. if u do, it’s gonna leave marks.

    does anyone know if i can put hair wax to add volume to my hair? i got it rebonded yesterday and it feels flat. will wax affect the rebonding process or is it safe to put (considering i still have to go 2 days without washing my hair)? if i cant put wax yet, when i can i do so? please answer. PLEAAAASE.

  186. erin Says:

    somebody answer me please? πŸ™ azmeen?

  187. Adz Ariff Says:

    Erin, its better if you leave your hair without applying anything during the three days post rebonding. I’ve been having my hair rebonded for the past 4 years since it is far easier to manage. The 3 days have always been icky days for me since I really can’t do anything to add volume to my hair and everyone will wonder what the heck have I done to myself. Then came the 4th days onwards when all is safe (wax, spray, anything)…even the bosses began noticing the difference (in a good way).

  188. brats Says:

    Hi.. i got my rebond hair last sunday but d day bfore that I have been cut my hair on fix salon (layered shoulder hair).. and then i got my rebonded hair on salon near our house.. but then when I rinse my hair second day after d rebond.. my layered end hair gets dry.. sucks! what shud i do?? help!

  189. divya Says:

    hii.. i got rebonded my hairs last month. till now it is shinny sleek easy to manage, bt now i observed new growth of 1-2 cms. dey are making “L” shape wid my rebonded hairs…
    will it be fyn once dey r grown longer or dey’ll remain d same..
    help plzzzz

  190. Madhu Says:


    I just rebonded my hair 4 days back and stil i have some wavy hair ..I asked to my hairdresser abt that and she said she will rebound again in next month .. Is it safe for rebounding again in 30 days???
    Pls help me

  191. Madhu Says:

    Azmeen can you pls help in this ?
    Thanks in advance πŸ™‚

  192. sadia Says:

    hi i just got my hair rebonded 2 days ago. i was told by my hairdresser that i had to use a different shampoo from now on. i usually use pantene shampoo for straight or frizzy hair and herbal essence conditioner. do i need to change using both of these ?
    in case i do can u give me the names of some shapoos and conditioners that i can use to keep my hair healthy and to make by rebonding last as long as possible.

  193. Azie Says:

    I did the rebonding last year,and now my hair get frizzy .I think it’s because of the rebonding..Should I rebond my hair again?

  194. nancy Says:


    i did my rebonding just two days back with vella you temme how 2 protect hair fall n dandruff, also i wanted 2 improve my texture because prior 2 rebonding i had a very wavy hairs. please advice me n temme 4 how long it wud stay


  195. misao Says:

    How long will the hair stay flat? I mean after 3 days without washing hair, will it have more volume?

  196. Charmaine Says:

    I just go my hair rebonded 2-3 months ago, and my hair is still straight. I actually got my hair rebonded in the Philippines at Dennis Santos. Dennis owns the place and is a professional salon stylst. He is also my unlce haha, I asked him will it damage my hair if i get it cut or if I flat iron it. Cutting it is NO PROBLEM. I got it cut right after I got it rebonded. Flat ironing it will damage your hair. It had enough chemicals added, so you shouldn’t flat iron and heat up your hair even more. I’m thinking of getting it done twice when I go back. I haven’t flat ironed my hair in 3 moths. And it is STILL straight (=

  197. Shuu Says:

    Can anyone please tell which hair conditioner products most suitable to be used?

  198. Dee Says:

    hi! i have a very fine hair and is also quite wavy. is it ok for me to have it rebonded? is there such a thing as semi-rebond?

  199. iiRa Says:

    Hey,i had my rebonding few weeks ago. Yup, the time we rebonded our hair looks really flat but dont worry! after a few days,yourhair will look natural straight like mine. Just dont wash ure hair regulary. Wash it 1 week 2 times and remember, put it alot of conditioner. And people says its good to have expensive conditioner but im using pantene. but still it look πŸ™‚ Trust me.
    And always comb ure hair to maintain it. Dont always change your hair product, stick to one. it helps alot. πŸ™‚ thank you

  200. Dell Latitude E6500 batterie Says:

    i had my rebonding few weeks ago. Yup, the time we rebonded our hair looks really flat but dont worry! after a few days,yourhair will look natural straight like mine. Just dont wash ure hair regulary.

  201. Rash Says:

    Can some1 plz tel me the diff between hair straightening,rebonding,relaxin and smoothenin??and which 1 s better for ppl wit dry,wavy hair prone to dandruff???Plz help…m nt sure if i shud go 4 rebondin or smoothenin….


    i found an equally good rebond products distributed by uniminx trading in the philippines. hair rebond products matches top brand lines i got it from so if your on a budget in the philippines try this one its worked for me. thank you VILMA


    i found an equally good rebond products distributed by uniminx trading in the philippines. hair rebond products matches top brand lines i got it from so if your on a budget in the philippines try this one its worked for me. thank you VILMA D.

  204. nomy Says:


  205. neha Says:

    Hi all,
    I got my hair rebonded last year in march.. i.e. 2010 march.
    I have very very thick brownish black wavy Indian hair. I did hair re-bonding. The hair stylist told me that its a process in which the natural bond of the hair is broken with the help of a relaxer. After that she straighten my hair and applied another cream and after that she washed my hair.
    I was shocked to see myself in mirror after the whole process. I looked so damn good with sleek and shiny hair and yes as they were straight they seemed to be so long. I have a chubby round face.. but with straight hair it looked so slim and good.
    The products used was “Schwarzkopf” and later on the stylist told me that as hair is now made straight after breaking the old bonds.. so it takes minimum 3 days time to set in their new bonds. SO for 3 complete days hair should not be made wet by sweat/water or any other way. After 3 days I was given a complimentary hair wash and I was so so so happy.
    My hair were straight, sleek, shiny, manageable, and resembled those in the glossy magazines πŸ˜›
    As suggested by my stylist I am using schwarzkopf bonacure repair rescue shampoo, conditioner and hair mask(white-red color bottles).
    Ill give my example of using this:-
    If I wash my hair 3 times a week den, first time shampoo+conditioner, second time less shampoo+more conditioner and third time I apply the hair mask at night and wear a shower cap and next day I use plain water to wash my hair. Rinse well and don’t leave any residue in hair.
    Its been 1 year touch-wood.. I have had min. hair-fall and my hair are still straight.
    Hope this helps u .. and don’t hesitate to do what u want.. because u have got only 1 life πŸ™‚

  206. andrea Says:

    How much did it cost u ? And were in Malaysia can I have it done ? I’ll be in kl in April.

  207. shru Says:

    Oh my experience was very very very bad…. i re bonded my hair 5 months ago.
    After that i am facing such a bad hair loss which is not stopping no matter what. Can any one help me

  208. SARAH Says:

    hi everybody Ibout yesterday LOLANE Rebonding Gel for dry and damaged hair Ihave a have a frizzy hair Iam from Morocco so I have maghreben hair will this rebonding gel work for me since I have a diffrent hair type I am tired with relaxing that damages and drys the hair I wanna try rebonding it it may be less damaging but I am so afraid of doing it, it’s not well known here in morocco but it seems to be efficient I am planning to do it after 4days so please tell me if it is recomonded to my hair type or not and if the product I bought is good cuz it does not contain keratin , the active ingredient is the thioglycolic acid 8.5%, please answer me Ihave a very interesting party after 10days and Iwanna look lick a princess!!!!! please guys let me dream of a litlle bit. thanks a lot for all the information you gave bellow. see you

  209. neha Says:

    hey.. i forgot to mention .. I am from India and I did my hair rebonding in India..chenaai.. naturals parlour

  210. mehak Says:

    hey i had done my rebonding 2 month ago from loreal 35 c costs 7200/- rs it was a good experience nd my hair looks so shiny nd straight. no harmful effect has been done till nw as i heard.any one can do rebonding free mind acc to me………..

  211. zanifa Says:


    Please help.

    I ACCIDENTALLY rebonded my hair!!!

    Well, i wanted a relaxer at first, but the lady said my curls starts from the root and to ensure all kinks are removed, she flat-ironed my hair. Unbeknownest to me that’s a rebonding process. Well, am so use to super frizzy hair and now i think my hair is too flat! It’ll take sometime for me to get use to the new look. Aiyyyaaa…

    And today, my 3rd day of rebonding, i had to use a clip and scrunchie to ‘disguise’ oh-so-very-flat hair at work.
    For those Rebonding Hair gurus – will my hair retain it’s straightness or the clips/scrunchie will leave a permanent kinks/shape?

    Goshhhh…i am so worried!

  212. Iyah Says:

    Hi! i have a very thick hair and i use to hate it so much! My mommy said i should rebond it because this will help for thinning. My question is, should i rebond my hair? Will rebond makes my hair look thin? I NEED YOUR ANSWER guys, i hope u can help me, because i really really hate THICK hair!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  213. Ivy Says:

    I just got my hair rebonded last saturday. And this coming thursday, i really need to tie my hair because im a nursing student and im going to have my duty in a hospital. What shall i do in so as not have a hair full of wavy marks after tying it up? Pls reply asap. Thank you

  214. desirae Says:

    heyy i also have thick hair and my friend was telling me about how she gets her hair rebonded . well doe anyone know how much it costs. my hair is pretty long like an inch past my bra strap in 5’6. and my hair is really curlyy helpp plzzzz!!!!

  215. avleen Says:

    hi… i got my hair rebonded day before yesterday n accidently i got them wet while bathing but i straightened and ironed them again n hoping to go for wash after more three days so that my hair attain the sleekness nicely… wat u say… will they get damage coz of wetting or my ironing will save them… plzzzzz reply

  216. em Says:

    IVY: im a nursing student too, actually just graduated. πŸ™‚ anyways, when i had my duty i used to tie it up but it was loose. then at the end of the day i untie it immediately and comb it. also, before tying it up make sure it’s already dry.

    can somebody help me too? i had my rebonding treatment last monday, today wednesday i feel very uncomfortable since it’s very hot here and my hair really got oily. can i wash it tomorrow?? HELP!!!! :))

  217. milli Says:

    actually I just done mine rebonding yesterday and am still confuse about itÒ€¦.

    My hair is FLAT and feels smooth and nice though wonder how it will be after a wash.

    I still would prefer a bit of bounce and volume right now it looks F L A T.n m relly worried.

    Any suggestions you would like to give us ?

    Thanks and an email would be appreciated.

  218. ainy Says:

    hi i have been doing rebonding since last 3 years its realy wonderful … its not harmful at allllllll … since i m doing it i didnt had any side effects i advice whoever can afford it just go for it without thinking it ll change ur looks

  219. ainy Says:

    hi milli … it will look same after the wash even but do use conditioner every day ..

  220. Rj Says:

    hey..i wanted to know we should use any specific shampoo/conditioner after the rebonding treatment or is it okay to use any regular products??

  221. ann Says:

    i just done mine rebonding 3 months hairs seem to be fragile ez to break from roots what should i do to prevent them and make them strong and please also tell any procedure for new hair growth hope they will be stornger…

  222. dayana ik2 Says:

    i wanted to rebond my hair is too long until my stomach and even down my stomach a bit..can i prepare rm 200 for that long hair???i like to rebond my hair because it will make my hair more longer ,nice and more long the process will take for my long hair?anyone must reply THISSS..A.S.A.P..AS SOON AS POSSIBLE..TQ :’)

  223. Says:

    My hair is FLAT and feels smooth and nice though wonder how it will be after a wash.

  224. sangeeta Says:

    can I apply henna after rebonding

  225. sanju Says:

    hey pls tell me how closely in flatness related to rebonding.. i dnt want a volume less hair

  226. samantha Says:

    for those asking about shampoos and conditioners, as far as i know, after rebonding, you’re not supposed to wash your hair 2-3 days, then after, you only use conditioner for a week or two as much as possible. use a conditioner that’s very moisturizing and also use a mild shampoo every other day. preferably use a shampoo and conditioner for straight hair.

    and i think you should have your hair treated every month (cellophane, protein treatment, etc). rebonding can really dry your hair so opt for a hot oil at least once a month.

    you’re not allowed to go swimming in pool or sea water for a month as it can damage your rebonded hair.

    and if you’re experiencing lots of falling hair and little patches of baldness, better go back to you hairdresser or to a dermatologist…

  227. sneha Says:

    I just had my hair rebonded yesterday. Its true , the hair texture is now very soft, very straight. The problem is that my hair is so FLAT. I wanted soft hair but not flat. Before I had thick curly hair and I wanted my hair to be more manageable. Now, I feel really weird. Can something be done to change this flat hair. I feel so uncomfortable.

  228. sarah Says:

    I just got my hair rebonded a few hours before…love the way it looks and feel as well,but I am a bit worried about the side effects especially hair loss.

    So can sum1 suggest me some tips for reducing this dreadful hair loss problem?

  229. luyi Says:

    My bf is hairstylist and deliver service such as rebonding,hair dye to home!
    Reasonable price with shiseido cream.
    Miko graduated student and 5 years experience cover work before in shunji matsuo. =)
    May contact me facebook or sms to 0146283575/0193430318 =)

  230. sheena Says:

    i did my rebonding 2 days ago but hair looks frizzy now also n there is no shine …PLZ PLZZZZZ tell me wat to do will it be ok after 3 day’s head wash or i should complain the parlour about dis…..plzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz let me know……………..PLZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZ

  231. sheena Says:

    i DID REBONDING FRM JAWED HABIB PARLOUR but my hair luks frizzy ,tangle n so heavier even after rebonding ….they have ruined my hair i think so….wat should i do…should i ask dem to do rebonding again…as i have not got shine,tanglefree n smoother hair

  232. joe Says:

    i did my rebonding last sunday..can anyone tell me what is the best shampoo and conditioner to be use?thanks..

  233. Shy_shaira Says:

    i started rebonding my hair when i was only 11 yrs. old now im 14 i still doing it but the worst is i always experiening hair fall. i almost rebond my hair in 5 times . i read the disadvanteges of hair rebonding and i really really scared what will happen soon to my hair .. i full of regret in rebonding my hair i thougth in first if i will rebond my hair it will be permanently straight and look beautiful but in fact are not. i think hair rebonding is only temporarily and it can put your hair at risk. all i want is to bring back my natural hair but i dont how and what i will do . so pls. help me ..
    thanks in advance πŸ˜‰

  234. wania shah Says:

    i want ro rebound my hair, hav soft and light wavy hair. waves are due to excess use of straightner.. i want to rebound my hair. does it damag hair? after rebounding if i want to get back my original hair structure what would i do? how would i get back my natural hair? this thing makes me scare. plz help. waiting

  235. v g Says:

    hi i want to get my hair rebonding.
    i have a 8th mnth old baby. is it safe to do it now?
    i have slight hairfall. i m just confused whether i shuld go for it or not
    my hair is straight from roots but wavy towards the end.
    wat shuld i do, beciause if feel straightening using iron also lets to hair fall and it hardly lasts for 1/2 hr on me since i sweat a lot

    kindly any1 advise me

  236. isha bhatia Says:

    i got my hair rebonded 2 yrs felt lasted long..
    i again did it this year in july..but however i wasnt satisfied dis time n went complaining to my hairdresser as it had a vry little shine..a bit bounce n waves in 2 places..she did it again applying straightner to only the wavy part and nuetraliser to all ovr my head..but howevr it got evn more unruly..frizz,bounce n evn more waves than before..moreover i feel the rebonding is opening i find parts of my hair turning, that were straight a day before !!
    please suggest me something..should i get it done again form a better parlour?from where i got it done da first tym?or shud i repair them ?

  237. syuhada Says:

    hye azmeen…. i slalu bt rebonding dkt kdai ampang tp kdai 2 dh tutup…then i bt rebonding kt tmpat len….but the result was so bad! rupanya dia bt relaxing without straightening my hair…. i frust sgt2,,,,, bcoz im really care and obsessed bout my hair… so, for ur concerned… u rase klu i bt rebonding pulak pada rambot i ni after 1 week boleh x?? apa pendapat u?? plz,i need ur opinion…

  238. rebecca Says:

    i hav got my hair rebonded yesterday.
    i hav used loreal products
    my hair got straight and very smooth but doesnt got the shine as shown in the pics of rebonded hair.
    is there any problem with it ?
    or will i get the shine after 3 days when i’l get the hair wash in saloon
    anyone plzz answer

  239. Ellen G. Says:

    Hi! I just got a Digital Perm at Chin Korean Salon yesterday (October 07,2011), I liked my curls at first though but now I’m so bored with it coz’ I missed combing my hair (well, that’s what i’m used to) and it’s so hard to maintain a curly hair! and I also realized that I love having a long straight hair! Now, i really want a Hair Rebond but i’m not so sure as to when i can get one, any advice??? I’ve been having my hair rebonded for 5 years now at Luce Hair Salon in Banilad and It was my first time to get a Digital Perm. Can you give me any advice or tips as to when I can get my hair rebonded again since I just had my digital perms yesterday (Oct. 07,2011)??? I hope you can help me! thanks a lot!!!

  240. Jiyen Says:

    Wow! I just got my hair rebonding ! I thought that I might die within one day cause I can’t wash my hair but my hair Only get oily after 3 days plus ! And later morning Im gonna wash it already !! Now I don’t have to worry that I have to comb my hair repeatly to prevent it from curving out πŸ™‚ woots ! Yeah !!!

  241. Trich Says:

    I have straight hair that I don’t color and I swear that Shielo’s Volume Line gives me more swing to my hair when I use it. I also use Shielo’s Volume Hairspray (its Flexible Hold) on my daughter sometimes and I notice that her flyaways are much neater after using the Shielo brand.

    The scent is AMAZING!

    I have also gotten compliments on the scent from people when my hair was dry. I recommend this shampoo to anyone who is looking to stretch out their haircut visits. Your hair stays healthy and smells great.

  242. ashley Says:

    my hair was rebonded today and im looking for a good
    treatment so that my hair will be still good looking. is it coconut good for my hair?
    please help me i need your advice
    i want my hair shine last long
    and damage free

  243. kitkat Says:

    hi..i had my hair rebonded 3 days ago and it really felt good being able to wash your hair again.. i noticed that the end part of my hair is super dry. that’s why i put baby oil on it..was is ok?

  244. ravy ann Says:

    Hi every one… can anyone help me about my hair… ive undergone the process of rebounding last month and my hair are starting of fall of… its like a strand of hair a few centimeter of the root and it look like disgusting, can anyone help me san ba ko pedeng mag reklamo aside sa salon

  245. nafisa Says:

    i have done rebonding before 2yrs ago, and planning to do again… can u plz suggest tht keune hair rebondin product is good or no ??
    because i have asked in my salon ,she said she gonna use keune..
    plz suggest me…m waiting

  246. jenny Says:

    Hi, howw will i sleep with my newly rebonded hairr?

  247. Mimi Says:

    Help! I’m very worried about my recently rebonded (sorry not sure if this is the past tense of rebond)hair! It’s been 10 days since my I rebond my hair and for these past few days my hair has not been straight at all compared to when I had my hair rebounded! It has become fly away and the ends points of my hair are all over in different directions. My understanding was that if i got a hair rebonding it will be straight (although it did change my hair for the better than before, it use to be very thick, a lot of volume, poofy, it DID become straight but with fly away hair at the end it worries me because I really need to comb my hair until it dries up to make it straight, the ends of my hair always become fly away! Any help please! I’m not sure if this is common after rebonding! Also could I straighten my hair w/ a iron hair straightener to make it better or will it make my hair turn for the worse! Thank you very much! πŸ™‚

  248. Sonu Says:

    I had my hair rebonding done two months back (MAtrix products used). Initially in the first month I used Matrix Opti care Shampoo and Conditioner but I felt I had heavy hair fall so switched to Loreal Liss Ultime Shampoo and Masque. No doubt my hair looked more beautiful and shiny, but on the other side the amount of hair fall I experienced in the past two months, I never had it in my 28 yrs of life. I almost lost 1/4th of hairs. Whenever I wash my hair or oil it I lose on an average 200-250 strands of hair and on the other days approx 100 strands. Can anyone pls suggest me what to do.

  249. sara Says:

    plz name sum gud rebonding product,that really not harm my hair