My Rebonding Experience

I used to have unmanageable hair. I have to apply tons of styling gel every morning just to make sure my hair stays in place, and I won’t look like a bloody lion at work. I’ve entertained thoughts of rebonding my hair, but somehow never had the balls to do it.

Last Tuesday, I though, what the heck… and finally decided to take the plunge. Right after breaking fast, I drove to one of the hairdressing salons near my house. It’s bloody weird, I usually get my hair cut at a barbershop… you know where there are these really polite Indian guys who always greet you when you walk in, and gave you really good stress busting seated massages after cutting your hair. You don’t? Probably you’re not Malaysian/Singaporean… be sure to drop by one if you ever visit.

Anyway, I picked a salon where I saw a few beautiful hairdressers. I walked in and said, “My hair looks like a lion’s mane… I want it to be more manageable”. An older lady (presumably the owner), says that rebonding is what I needed, and that it’ll cost me RM180. Whatever, I just want my hair to behave.

The whole process took almost two hours! I’ve heard that rebonding is a very time consuming process… but my hair is not long… so it’s quite unexpected. Luckily, they let me smoke while waiting for my hair to absorb the keratin-laced concoction the cute hairdressers applied oh so liberally on my head.

Once the whole process is done. I can actually feel my hair becoming smoother and straighter. Hell, it actually bounced when I walked! Man, I can get use to this. However, right before paying for the service, and a few hair care products to boot, the stylist mentioned to me that I shouldn’t wet my hair at all costs for three days. WTF?! Three bloody days!

Those three days were like hell to me. I never had any bath without wetting my hair in my life. Believe me, it was hell. You know you’ve just taken a bath. You can still smell the soapy scent on your skin. But somehow, the feeling is still “unclean”.

Come Friday morning, I think I had one of the best baths I’ve ever had in my life! I can finally wet my hair! It feels like heaven… anyway, I’m now very happy with my hair… and just in time for Hari Raya.

By the way, I’ll be in KL from 26th to the 30th and thus won’t be updating HTNet.

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