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Does Domain Hijacking Spyware Exist?

I was reading this post on Pocket SEO, and think that I should share it with my readers.

Basically, a friend of the author was checking the availability of a domain name. It was available when she looked it up. When she wanted to register the domain name the next day, it was already registered by an entity called UltraRPM.

Fortunately though, the domain was only held for five days, the standard grace period for anyone purchasing a ICANN sanctioned domain name.

So please exercise extra care when hunting for domain names, especially if you’re using an IE/Windows setup.

7 responses to “Does Domain Hijacking Spyware Exist?”.

  1. PapaJoneh Says:

    wow… this sound dangerous. Will using FF safer?

  2. Site Admin Azmeen Says:

    If by safer you mean “reduce the risk of this happening to me”, I’d say yes.

    Because FF and other non-IE browsers don’t do weird Active-X magic tricks.

  3. suzi Says:

    I encountered the same problem- this company called UltraRPM stole my domain name few hours when i failed to buy it. i truely don’t know what to do. Indeed i don’t know why the practice is not being punished by the law. I am suspecting that a sort of datamining was used to pick the domain name i wanted to purchase, since this domain name is not an english name at all. The domain was registered by UltraRPM on May 25, we are already May 29. I just hope that they’ll release it in the 5 days period, otherwise i’ll consider leagl action since the name of the domain is my company’s name that is fully registered and protected.

  4. mj Says:

    I don’t think it has anything to do with IE. I searched for mine on using Firefox 2 and the same day (a few hours later) it was registered by that same company UltraRPM.

  5. Jim Says:

    I have heard of this too with godaddy. I would like to think it is just a coincidence but who knows. Best thing to do is write out a bunch of domain names that interest you and then do your searching for them and immediately buy it if it’s available.

  6. Tiat Leong Says:

    I checked for mine using and on the same day, it was gone! This is indeed frustrating… It was taken by UltraRPM too.

  7. Godaddy Suck Says:

    I have had it happen with a domain name i paid for 24 hours previously with some slow registrar. i really need the domain. people should not use