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DNA Confirms That ‘Girl In Bag’ Is Nurin Jazlin Jazimin

When the search for Nurin Jazlin Jazimin has gathered tremendous pace over the last couple of days, it’s emerged that the body of a girl found in a gym bag yesterday was indeed Nurin Jazlin Jazimin, as confirmed by DNA tests.

It makes me wonder why less than 24 hours ago, even Nurin’s parents couldn’t identify the body.

May God have mercy on Nurin’s soul. I pray that the heartless person that did this despicable act to her be brought to justice.

46 responses to “DNA Confirms That ‘Girl In Bag’ Is Nurin Jazlin Jazimin”.

  1. ejay Says:

    I can’t stop my tears…

  2. papajoneh Says:

    Cilaka tu orang yg bunuh dia. Thats totally inhuman. So kesian. May her soul rest in peace, Amen.

  3. Umar Says:

    PETALING JAYA: The police have said that DNA tests on the body found stuffed in a sports bag on Monday in Petaling Jaya show that it is that of missing girl Nurin Jazlin Jazimin.

    Petaling Jaya OCPD ACP Arjunaidi Mohamed on Thursday said that DNA tests have so far indicated that the body found in a shophouse at Jalan PJS1, Petaling Jaya Utama is that of Nurin, 8, who had been missing since Aug 20.

    At Hospital Kuala Lumpur, Nurin’s father Jazimin Abdul Jalil, 33, a taxi driver still denied the body was that of his daughter, reports BERNAMA.

    “I am Nurin’s father … I know my daughter better than anyone else. My heart is saying the body is not my daughter.

    “If police ask me to take the body, I will accept, I will perform the funeral rites and bury it. But I want the police to pursue the search for Nurin because I know Nurin is still safe out there,” he said, speaking to reporters outside the HKL mortuary.

    Jazimin added that he was sure the body was not Nurin because of the teeth and the scar that Nurin had.

    According to Jazimin, Nurin’s teeth did not have gaps between them and she also had a scar on her thigh.

    Nurin’s mother Norazian Bistaman, 35, said she was ready to accept what the authorities tell her.

    “What else can I say. The DNA test shows she is my daughter. I will accept the will of God.

    “As a mother, I still hope the body is not my daughter’s. Which mother will accept the reality that her daughter was raped and killed brutally.

    “Only God knows the extent of my sadness and grief,” she said in tears.

    Norazian said this year’s Hari Raya Aidilfitri celebrations would be the most joyous and meaningful in her life in the event Nurin was found safe and sound.

    “In fact, we’ve already bought Nurin’s Hari Raya dress and I will patiently wait for her return,” she added.

  4. keadilan Says:

    Al-Fatihah.. May her soul rest in peace.To Nurin family, this is Qada’ and Qadar. To the ‘animal’, your turn will come.

  5. Dabido Says:

    I am not familiar with the case (being a foreigner and all), but my heart goes out to all those effected by her murder. It’s not an easy thing to live with.

    I hope they catch the person who did it.

  6. Moon Says:

    i pray to god so that nurul jazlin’s soul rest in peace and as for that scumbag, i hope u rot in hell…

  7. Jewelle Says:

    Ya, just read the latest update too. But I read somewhere that DNA testing takes at least 3 days?

    Whoever that poor girl is, may she rest in peace.

  8. AGF Says:

    God bless the poor girl’s soul. Keep a close eye on your children, and I hope they find that child murderer.

  9. nita6526 Says:

    (Jika benar mayat itu adalah Adik Nurin)
    Al-Fatihah buat Adik Nurin…

    Moga rohnya berada bersama orang-orang yang dikasihi ALLAH..
    Buat keluarga Nurin, bersabarlah dengan dugaanNYA. terimalah Qada & Qadar yang telah ditetapkan olehNYA.

    Kepada pihak berkuasa,
    Jangan lepaskan ‘binatang’ itu!!!!!
    Buatlah sesuatu sebelum ‘binatang’ itu buat perkara yang sangat-sangat terkutuk!!!

  10. Criz's Sanctuary Says:

    Even the family of Nurin denied that that’s her body but DNA test tend to prove otherwise? How I wished the rapist will be caught soon and get death sentence rather than a jail term. This is just too insane! With so many cases of child rape, what are the authorities doing? There ought to be a stronger penalty for such inhumane criminal act!

  11. I'm a 2nd former student Says:

    Hulu Selangor Science School students, teachers and stuffs were very sorry of Nurin Jazlin and her family.. For the police and law enforce men , please.. investigate this case.. Don’t let the damn murderer get away just like that.. He/She must face the justice of what he/she had done!!!

    May Nurin Jazlin rest in peace.. Al- Fatihah

  12. murniza idris Says:

    Kematian nurin terlalu dahsyat, siasatan dan penangkapan perlu dijalankan secara intensif dan penjenayah yang tidak berperi kemanusiaan patut menerima hukuman yang sewajarnya kerana bertindak melebihi sikap haiwan. Tetapi bezanya darjat penjenayah itu lebih jauh hina dari haiwan kerana haiwanpun sayangkan anaknya.Kepada keluarga arwah Nurin, mugkin ini takdir anaknya sebegitu dan kitaperlu terima dengan redha yang mahu menguji keimanan kita sebagai insan biasa.Kepada pengadilan,hukuman perlu sewajarnya dan mengambilkira jenayah dilakukan, dan kepentingan awam.

  13. JUSTICE Says:


  14. NORHAYATI Says:

    assalammualaikum…. semuanya sudah terjadi. kita hanya menyesali atas apa yang telah terjadi… kawan2 tidak perlulah kita memaki atau mengutuk penjenayah kerana perkara telah terjadi dan dia masih bebas. Yang boleh saya nasihatkan kita sama2 berdoa agar roh digolongkan dengan golongan orang yang beriman dan sama2 kita berdoa agar bukti2 untuk mensabitkan penjenayah akan dijumpai… hari2lah kita meminta kepada yang esa agar kebenaran akan terbukti. kalau anda benar2 inginkan penjenayah terbabit dihukum kita sama2 baca yassin atau sembahyang hajat supaya penjenayah panas dan dihukum…. insyaallah.

  15. chris Says:

    To the parents of Nurin Jazlin Jazimin I just wanna let u know that God will be with you.I am very sad that your child is dead.I am sad that she had to suffer a horrible pain and a horryfing death.Now as a christian and a fellow countrymen i pray that that the animal who did this pay 100000000000000000000 times fold.I will keep ur family and ur child who now is in Heaven in my prays.Akhir kata God nnever will let that person go.I promise n semoga Allah mencucuri rahmatnya kepada anda dan keluarga anda.Take care.

  16. Sharmini Says:

    I mourn the loss as a parent of 3 girls. The Governement has to change its jurisdiction on meeking out the punishment to this beast. To Nurin’s Parents, be strong. May her soul rest in peace. If i were to find this beast i would possibly cut off his hands, legs and genitals and let him rott in pain. Bloody insane mother******* %$&^#@!^.

  17. Julie Says:

    Please Malaysia authorities, do something about it! This avoidable tragedy has been on going and I really can’t bear to think how many other victims is out there now suffering or going to suffer!!! Think of the young generation, who will ever place their hope and trust to Malaysia anymore! Can’t blame Nurin’s parents, she just went to her favorite place (which is so near to her house)and this tragic happens! I agree ,Yes parents have to play their part too but we can’t lock our children at home or install a 24hours surveillance camera on them!! Malaysia authorities must do something about it! We need a country that we are able to move around freely without “serious concern of our safety”. I understand all countries have their problems but please at least make us feels that something is done .Improvised or tighten the security or heavier sentences for the criminal. It’s time to wake up and prove it to Malaysian that we still can place a bit of “Trust” in her.

  18. John Says:

    Nourin,kami sebagai rakyat malaysia secara keseluruhannya amat sedih dengan permergianmu.We love you a lot!!!!!!!!!!1And we know that youre nw with god in the haven above.Such an innocent girl.We will miss you little angel.
    Love Uncle John

  19. Nadia Says:

    I’ve just finished crying after watching a video of Nurin Jazlin Jazmin’s case. Whatthefuck, i effin hate the killer. Whoever he is, he will surely be caught someday and the whole world will definitely hate him for what he did to the innocent little 8 year-old girl. The killer is a sex addict. Why did he do this to a very cute and innocent little girl like this? Maybe no woman wants to fuck with him coz he got small and short penis. Sebab tu dia gune cucumber and brinjal. Takde otak. Whatever happens, happens. Arwah adik Nurin, dont worry. The world will search for this inhuman beast who did this to you. You just rest in peace, girl. We, Malaysians, love you so much.

  20. Amir Says:

    watching lastnite’s news on tv3, tears came poring involuntarily. the sight of nurin’s parents mourning the loss of their daughter made me morose all of a sudden. only god knows the magnitude of anguish they suffer. and ive been thinking, who on earth would do such a thing? how would he look like. reality is, hes still out there. tht animal is still out there somewhere, praying on others. are we gonna stand for this? i urge the authorities to take drastic action instantaneously. and to parents out there, dont ever let ur young ones roam free without ur supervision. to say the least, this animal has all the blame. but as a parent, nurins mom shouldnt have let her go out like tht in the 1st place.

    deepest condolences to nurins family. al-fatihah to allahyarham nurin. and most importantly, i pray to Allah, condemned this beast. let him suffer here and the hereafter. tore him limb to limb, torture the swine, let him beg for mercy, let him rot in hell

  21. disgusted Says:

    i may not be a parent but that does not stop my tears from flowing. I am shocked and disgusted that such ‘animal’ exist on this planet. This animal should be stoned alive by the grieving parents. I SERIOUSLY URGE THE PARENTS OUT THERE TO TAKE GOOD CARE AND TO KEEP VIGIL ON THEIR CHILDREN ALWAYS. To you my dear nurin, may your soul rest in peace and dont worry sweetheart, you are now in a wonderful place where nobody will harm you. Police please get that devil as soon as possible…..

  22. syaee Says:

    oh my… this is so sad. what kind of human is he? if he can be called a human la!! nurin’s death was so painful. she shouldn’t ended like this. she deserved better than this!! but this is qada’ n qadar Allah dan sy pasti disebalik takdir tuhan, ada hikmah yg trsembunyi. for allahyarham nurin’s family, deepest condolences from me n i hope that u guyz can accept this horrible fact. dont blame yourselves for what had happened bcoz the thing is, that stupid beast who should be blame!! n for allahyarham nurin, al-fatihah.. moga adik di tempatkan di kalangan orang2 yg beriman.. amin..

  23. undertaker Says:

    this goes solely to the jackass who is still out there. you may be in the comfort of your home, rejoicing the fruit of your pathetic success but believe me, you will face judgement day soon. i wish and pray that you will not die and that you should live. this is because i want you to experience hell on earth b4 you experience there. you should be stoned,whipped,burned,abused and starved everyday. sadly all those things can not be compared to the pain and anguish dear Nurin had to endure. if you think god will have pity in you the moment you beg forgiveness at a mosque,temple,church or any sacred place on earth,well you are wrong.there is absolutely nothing you can do to clear your sins. grieving mothers, shocked fathers, disgusted brothers and devastated sisters has cursed you and beieve me it will take a toll on you. we have all promised Nurin that we will catch the beast and we will make sure it will be fulfilled. asshole count your days……..

  24. niena Says:

    demi ALLAH…
    mmg saye bsumpah demi ALLH…
    bahawa tiada satu pun rakyat malaysia yang akan memeaafkan perbuatan iblis ini!!!!!!!
    die bukan manusia,bukan juga binatang!!! dia adalah iblis…he’s a devil..!the whole country will cursed on you asshole!!!! and youll die horribly suffered more …
    u r really10000000x sucks!!!!!! saya meminta semua rakyat malaysia yg beragama islam buatlah solat hajat supaya iblis ini tertangkap…also for those non-muslim..please pray also for this devil to get caught…and we can torture him like what he deserve!!!!!

  25. cute girl Says:

    kalau diberi peluang saya akan cincang lumat -lumat binatang tuu.namun tangan ini tidakakan dikotorkan dengan najis jijik sepertinya…..

  26. female-in-fear Says:

    i hope nurin’s soul rest in peace n may the sufferings she endured for the one month with the devil who tortured and killed her brutally heal in heaven…n to the devil who took away this child mercilessly, may he get caught n suffer the same way our littl girl suffered..may you rest in peace nurin..

  27. sabrina Says:

    Saya rasa manusia sekarang lebih kejam. Nurin baru berumur 8 tahun. Apa salah dia????

  28. norul Says:

    ya allah jahatnya manusia sekarang……lg bertambah malu sekiranya nti bila di ketahui pembunuhnya adalah melayu dan beragama islam….malu kita terhadap bangsa lain..mana maruah kita…….apatah lg berlakunya kejadian ini pada bulan yg di rahmati allah…nauzubillah…takziah utk keluarga nurin…al fatihah…

  29. nira_hana Says:

    x berhati prot tol org yg bunuh nurin 2……xde sifat berperikemanusiaan lgsung…so SIAL….bln2 pose bwat dajal….

  30. nira_hana Says:

    salam takziah bwat kluarga adik nurin….bnyakkan bersabar….semoga roh adik nurin dicucuri rahmat dan ditempatkan disisi ALLAH bersama-sama ORANG-ORANG YANG BERIMAN…AMIN….

  31. nira_hana Says:

    bodoh tol ‘binatang’ 2…..knape nurin jadi mangsa?????????…ape salah gadis kecil itu????????…’HUTANG DARAH HARUS DI BAYAR DENGAN DARAH’….buat SI ‘binatang’:JANGAN INGAT KO BLE LARI…POLIS AKAN CARI KO SAMPAI KE LUBANG CACING…JANGAN INGAT KO BOLEH TERLEPAS…DASAR ANAK DAJAL….

  32. mirah Says:

    ‘binatang’2 sial

  33. nana Says:

    AL-FATIHAH buat adik Nurin Jazlin Jazimin..
    semoga rohmu dicucuri rahmat..AMIN..

  34. Bruce Says:

    What in the sane mind of a human can do such horrendous things to a small innocent defenseless girl?? Only a pshychopath living silently under the radar of the society is capable of that.

    What in the sane mind of a politician to say that the parents are to be charged for negligence when they have just lost their daughter to such brutality?? Only an indifferent one attempting to shove off the responsibility to protect the nation.

    Both acts are equally inhumane.

  35. atan Says:

    Justice will only be served only when the culprit is caught.Condolences to the family members..Al-Fatehah..

  36. Mas Says:

    This morning I read about Dear Nurin again, tried not to but I finally did. And my heart goes out again to her, remembering her like she’s my own daughter, wish I could put my hands around her forever just to console her. But she’s gone now, I believe to Allah’s Knowlegde it is the best for her. And she probably has never been happier, I pray that the pain, sadness and cries for help before are completely erased from her memory, only Allah knows, and we will know when the Day of Judgement comes. To her parents, we are with you praying for her justice. To all Malaysians, never forget Nurin whenever you come across any helpless child in the street.

  37. miera Says:

    Apa nak dicakap……kesian si nurin tu kan?baru 8 tahun dah kena cam tu.Kalau boleh aku nak si binatang-binatang sial tu masuk lokap buat selama-lamanya!!!!!!!!!!
    kawan-kawan marilah kita ucapkan salam takziah kepada kelurga si nurin tu………dan jangan lupa juga doakan si binatang-binatang sial!!!!!!!tu dapat ditangkap oleh polis…bye bye….

  38. zura Says:

    Elok bagi mampos org yg bunuh tu…buat balik kat die seperti mane die buat kat nurin…tambah-2lagi klu die warga asing…Pembunuh sial!!!!!!Binatang!!!!!

  39. norazimat Says:

    i guess the motorbike and a car plate number will help the police to find the killer.That’s the only way..maybe police is on the way to catch them…tak apa bagi dia raya dulu lepas raya siap kau..dapat kasi potong..sial punya SETAN.Ini lah dikatakan manusia berwajah syaitan.Tak sabar dah nak tengok muka si pembunuh kejam tu.Kalau orang Melayu yang punya angkara memang malu besar.Siapa nak disalahkan mak bapak ke?keturunan ke?.Pengedaran Video lucah di jual melata ke?.Sampah masyarakat betul pembunuh sialan tu.Kalau dapat di sepak terajang sampai pengsan lepas tu boleh masuk kan terung dan timun dalam anu si pembunuh tu mcmana dia buat adek nurin.Cilaka betul anak babi.Satu sen tak guna punya setan.Binatang pun sayang anak.Astagfirullah alazim..Untuk keluarga nurin bersabar lah menempuh cabaran hidup.Semuga roh anak yang kecil ini di tempatkan dikalangan orang orang yang soleh di SYURGA.Alfatihah.

  40. sumi Says:

    Jesus christ,
    Dear nurin, i knw that you are up with the angel around.christ says whoever child dies sure will be with him in heaven experincing the beauty of the paradise.Im very sure nurin is there rite now.
    And to those who did this in a group, dun ever think that you guys will be left out…anyhow god is watching u.u can escape from the cops and human beings around but NOT from HIM THE LORD…..YOU WILL BEAR WAT YOU RIPE…….ITS TRUE…wait for your turn, be ready always…hope the goverment allows everyone to watch the torture been given to the beast on telecast, that every human must watch the punishment given to those who did tis and who planning in future to do so……!!!

  41. jackson seow voon ler Says:

    dear god,
    please let nurin be with you take care of her and find her killer.

  42. Mas Says:

    still missing nurin…

    wonder why there is no progress in the police dept…? why is it so hard to catch this one particular beast, even after “he” appeared on the cctv with the bag, making phone calls and all. why is it so hard..??

  43. Tembam Says:

    Hi Blogger! I stumbled upon your blog while surfing. Am alerting all who blogged about Nurin on an initiative by bloggers. A group of bloggers have joined up to form Citizens for Nurin Alert and they are calling for an alert system that will help find missing children alive. Please read more about NURIN Alert in the latest issue of TELL magazine and come join us.

  44. nadia omana manuel Says:

    i pray for nurin that she will be with god.then i hope you evil guy will rot in hell.don’t come back anymore. understand!!!!!!!!!!!

  45. Dustin Says:

    Now, ada pulak budak baru kena culik. I think definately orang sama, kuncu-kuncu sama, samseng sama, kongsi gelap sama. Looks like those stupid people wont quit. Kesian sharlini, she needs medical treatment. I really hope that the culprit will be brought to death. Seksa dulu baru kasi mati, sebagaimana dia seksa nurin!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  46. siti aisyah Says:

    how come u chase away the girl azmeen.i agreed with all her comments .