My Visit To Singapore Zoo

Singapore Zoo is located at Mandai and it is probably the only cageless Zoo in Asia (if not the world). This unique layout means that you get an “in your face” experience when viewing the animals. I visited the zoo last Saturday with my family.

I got to Singapore Zoo via a feeder van service set up just outside Ang Mo Kio MRT station. I think there’s no transport charges, you just pay for the tickets. You can view the rates here.

Alternatively, you can take a taxi ride from Woodlands Checkpoint to the zoo and it’ll cost you roughly S$7.00 (just under RM17).

Please continue reading this post to see pictures I’ve taken during this trip.

Singapore Zoo has the largest number of orang utans in captivity anywhere in the world. The most famous of which is Ah Meng, who unfortunately died last year (8 February 2008) aged just under 48 years old. Ah Meng’s memory is however kept very much alive throughout the zoo. There’s even a restaurant named after her.

Senior Orang Utan (by azmeen)

Orang Utans Huddling (by azmeen)

Young Orang Utan (by azmeen)

I particularly enjoyed observing the Proboscis Monkeys at the zoo. This is the best close up picture I got of one. The dark area at the top left corner is unfortunate, but I’m too lazy to edit it out 😛

Proboscis Monkey (by azmeen)

I saw this lemur hanging out near a holding rail being virtually free to roam as he please. This guy is right in front of my eyes and I could even touch him if not for the fact that I’m unsure if this is legal (Singapore being a fine country and all that). I then did the next best thing and took a photo instead.

Black & White Ruffed Lemur (by azmeen)

There was also a cute marmoset close by. Doesn’t he look adorable?

Marmoset (by azmeen)

There were also some dangerous animals that I would never dream of being close to let alone touch! This Komodo Dragon is one of those creatures.

Komodo Dragon (by azmeen)

We also saw some amazing cats on display. One particular shot I’m quite proud of is this portrait of a leopard.

Leopard (by azmeen)

There were also various shows put up by the zoo which adds to the enjoyment of the visit. One show that we got to watch in its entirety was the Rainforest Show. This photo was taken right after the show. My son totally enjoyed the chance to handle the snake!

My Family & The Rainforest Show Crew (by azmeen)

Singapore Zoo is a massive place to visit. We spent almost an entire day there and still felt like we spent way too little time to really absorb the place.

I’ve always enjoyed visiting zoos and this experience is definitely one of the better ones. If you do make a trip to Singapore, do not miss visiting Singapore Zoo! It is definitely worth the trip!

If you wish to see more photos during my trip, please check out this Flickr set of mine.

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