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Do Not Use Hong Leong Credit Cards!

If you have Hong Leong credit cards, I urge you to terminate your subscription. If you have outstanding balances on them, I recommend that you do a balance transfer. If you are contemplating applying for Hong Leong credit cards, I suggest that you don’t. Why? Hong Leong doesn’t respect your rights as a card holder and a customer.

My SO and I were victims of a scratch and win scam almost a year ago. As soon as we’ve discovered that we were conned, we immediately put in a request to Hong Leong to stop the transaction via their useless Dispute Form, along with the Consumer Claims Tribunal reference number, to their so-called Customer Service department.

To sum it up, Hong Leong Customer Service is a fallacy. There’s no such thing. I had to discover this the hard way.

When we submitted the dispute form, the transaction wasn’t even posted yet. They had ample chance to flag it. But what did Hong Leong do? They decided to side with scammers than a long term customer! Hong Long reps even blatantly lied to us by saying that the transaction had already gone through. Why do I say they are liars? Because another rep said that the transaction hasn’t gone through, contradicting what her colleague said earlier. See their incompetence? Even they don’t know what’s going on!

What follows on for months was an endless trail of lies:

  • The transaction was allowed to proceed because we need the credit card statement as evidence for the tribunal hearing; Lie! We have the receipts and items from the scammers, and those were enough to be used as evidence
  • We just need to pay for the initial purchase price without the interest once we’ve recovered our monies; Lie! Until today, one year after 100% full payment was made for the initial purchase price, Hong Leong still charges the interests
  • Hong Leong reps will get in touch to solve this issue; Lie! Nobody from Hong Leong bothered to assist properly. Instead, we were made like slaves trying to contact them and being put on hold for more than 30 minutes at any one attempt

To date, I’ve been waiting for them to give the final decision letter for me to proceed to bring this case to the FMB, for more than two weeks! Still no action, typical Hong Leong incompetence at its finest.

You can find this out by yourselves by trying to contact their so-called Banking Services Division through the contact details provided here.

Even though the interest now stands at almost RM200, I won’t pay a single cent! I’d rather bring this issue to court and let Hong Leong be exposed as the incompetent bank it really is.

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  1. Bryan Says:

    Card companies want you to believe that credit cards give you better control over your life. If anything, the opposite is true. Its not because you’re unable to control expenses but because you bring variables into your life of which you have no control over, like scammers for instance. Call me extreme but your case is an excellent example of why you shouldn’t have a card.

  2. kucau Says:

    maybank credit card is the best. i had bad experience with ambank cc

  3. moo_t Says:

    Hahahaha, my friend hit the same problem. It is the mayban finance back then. Maybe some local bank tighten the anti-fraud policies. But I will avoid ALL local banks for all cost, unless they public their anti-fraud policies.

    Bryan : You comment has little help on learning the RIGHT way to handle credit card. Indeed, credit card are suppose to help protecting consumer in fraudulent purchase, NOT OTHERWISE. Credit card company grace transaction period is indeed for a purposes. Credit card is a finance tools not implement by 3rd world country, but 1st world industrial country.

    A TRUSTWORTHY credit card company are suppose to offer such protection, that’s why people like Ken Rockwell advise people to do online purchase using credit card. Should a site doing scam business, you can recover 100% of your money. On the other hand, imagine you purchase stuff using cash/bank draft from a scammer.

  4. cindy Says:

    Uhm… ok… one of my credit card are Hong Leong. I applied for it mostly because I love the design. 😛

    Guess I better be looking for another better designed credit card…

  5. Site Admin Azmeen Says:

    Yeah, everything is painted wonderful when you’re a prospect. All sorts of “benefits and priviledges” are thrown in when you are a “normal customer”. But the one area where the good companies shine through is when customers need assistance. Hong Leong is definitely NOT one of the good companies.

    But I won’t paint other banks with the same brush as well though. Most banks have good customer service, unfortunately Hong Leong is not one of them.

    Thanks for sharing 🙂

    Agreed! Hell, I never had any problems with other banks’ credit cards personally. Hong Leong is the worst and I feel the world should know about them before more and more people are victimised by their incompetence.

    I hope you do. I love Southern Bank’s gold cards. They also gave a virtual MasterCard that can only be used online. The plastic ones cannot be used for online purchases. A good security measure should you misplace any transaction slips.

    Now that they’ve merged with BCB to become CIMB, I’m not sure if the card is still being offered.

    Thanks guys for your feedback. And remember Hong Leong is incompetent.

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  7. Credit card connoisseur Says:

    A lot of people complain of Citi services. Many credit companies provide credit protection. That is why when you choose credit card pay special attention if it has protection.
    “I applied for it mostly because I love the design” Gaaaarh!!! It is very very irresponsibly! Cindy, it is your many! I think you can imagine another way to spend it then to give it to bank!

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  9. Caitlin Says:

    Never heard of that card company. If you are looking for another, however, (a competent on this time) preferably the best balance transfer credit cards, you can always check online and look for familiar names, not some unheard of card companies who are probably just out to get you.

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  12. kelvin Says:

    Dear kuchau,

    Maybank is terribly worse. My bro. is working in New York and his credit card is utilise in Malaysia. I made a lot of complaints and submitted all relevant doc after seeing so many staff and in the end they take the easy way out by “robbing” my bro’s fixed deposit account for the amount that was signed. Do you still think they are professionals? I think they are professional thieves. I still have all the doc with me. I want to make a police report and they told me not to as it can be easily settled. Easily settle by “robbing” internal account. Such cowardly approaches.

  13. Liew Says:

    Deal all,

    Please give me advices, which bank / company provide the best credit card?
    I am looking forward to apply my first credit card.

    Thank you very much.

  14. Diana Says:

    Yeah .. its true that Hong Leong Customer Service is a failure! I called to change my mailing address but then for 3 months i have not getten my bills and they call me up to remind me of my outstanding amounts. I’ve even faxed 3 times to change address but nothing has been done till i finally lodge a report and then only it was changed.

    The best is MBF Cards ….

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  16. CY Says:

    Diana, agreed with you!
    But my case were not seding me the bill for 4 months and keep calling to tell me my payment were due date and then charge me for late payment!
    Well I am terminating their credit card this afternoon! LOL

  17. alissa Says:

    Please stop using Hong Leong credit card. You will be in trouble soon or later !!!
    My husband credit card was clone, 6 years ago, when he realise his credit card was clone, he make a police report and bring the report to the bank for further action.
    Year by year, with very busy lifestyle we forgot about that and moreover no news from the bank and he though that, all is over. But, last month when he want to withdraw money (salary) from the bank, the account was freeze without any letter or notice. When he check through the counter, they said that my husband own them (5 digit) using credit card.
    We are very angry and want to know what going on. They ask us to go to the first branch he was open the account. Then we straight go to Banting branch. After few hours waiting, and few minute discussing they ask us to go to HQ at Jalan Raja Chulan KL. We reach there hour later, than wait almost 2 hours for them to entertained.
    They ask us to write a formal letter to bring up to their head. But until now, no feed back and every time when we call, they just simply answer “STILL IN THE PROCESS”.
    Unfortunately, my husband account still stuck and we almost die !!!

  18. Zul Says:

    I use Hong Leong card, it is doing ok but the sad thing is their naive and offensive promotions. Once I received an offer to spend RM6k in exchange of a tiny electronic duster!

    I wrote a lengthy letter to Hong Leong to stop giving such offer. The rep called me and got an earful, but I don’t think they have stopped now.

  19. CreditAnalyst Says:

    Every credit cards have some ups and downs and when compared more of them have more down side catchs than benefits.

  20. bambu Says:

    I was googling for Hong Leong bank card centre email address because I want to report to BNM and cc to them but I found this blog.. haha..

    I’ve got tons of issues with HL credit card.

    1. My wife got her first statement weeks before she even got her credit card. How is that even possible?

    2. I wrote a 2-page letter to their Manager in Credit control department, cc’ed to the GM of HL Bank Card Centre explaining their incompetence… a) I didn’t get any statements for few months (contrary to my wife’s problem when she got her statement even before she received her card).. b) They charge interests without any calls to pay outtsanding payments. c) Asked them to give ALL statements so that I can pay all and close the account. d) They gave me some statements with an initial outstanding balance. With the letter I enclosed the cheque to pay what I want to pay and wish the account to be closed. e) The cashed the cheque and they didn’t call or send any statement, letter whatsoever after that.

    Now, 3 years later, I got a call from debt collector saying I still owe them RM1000+.. WTF!

    They have not been calling me or communicating with me for 3 years, now they say I still owe them… (+3 years of cumulated interests).

    I called Bank Negara earlier this week. They said many complaints have been made against Hong Leong credit card. I’m sending an email to BNM as they requested, cc to Hong Leong’s whatever email address you can find.

    Send your complaints to

  21. soo kean ann Says:

    hoong leong bank is not good,

  22. Rachael Says:

    Thanks for the advice here…I have been having trouble with Hong Leong, now I know why!

  23. Superman Says:

    hong leong owner – singaporean kia su attitude lead to this management.

    hahah no comment. Be my own credit card company..

  24. LookLikeMe Says:

    It is very true H.Leong customer dept and credit dept go down the drain. I don’t know what type of people they are hiring in these dept. After talking to them, your blood pressure surely go up.

    When I wrote a letter to cancel my c.card, after 2 months their credit dept called me and ask why I need to cancel and ask for my IC, and personal details. Is that necessary to cancel a c.card? Then, what is the reason I wrote a letter to them, which they required in the 1st place? They really like to make their customers life difficult. Just ask them to call back later because I’m busy.

    FORGET ABOUT Hong Leong credit card and have a life…

  25. HL victim Says:

    Sorry to hear about your story.
    I have VERY BAD Experience with them as well.
    Dispute on January till now even not received one call from them. The first time fax and i call after few day to check the status, they said dint received the fax. i fax the second time and call after 1 week, they told me they got the fax, but dint keyin to the system and i have to fax again. My GOD, can you believe how foolish is me to using their c.card.
    STOP USING THEIR SERVICE and avoid more and more victim fr HL.

  26. A Rahim Says:

    I wrote to Hong Leong about 2 months ago for waiver of Annual Fee. Till now no reply. This 31/5/08 will be the due date. If they charge me Annual Fee, big mistake bro. You will lose RM200 monthly in interest..sound small to you but I AM SATISFIED to punish you Hong Leong Bank. Ha Ha. Consumer has power.

  27. ruckuus Says:

    thank you for your guide.

  28. shah Says:

    HLB never protect and care of their customer and when you are in trouble, they wont bother you. i have dispute on last year till now have no reply from them, their customer service is for loan and financial application only, if you wanna make complaint, they kick you off.
    AND once you become their customer, they will keep sending you SMS and keep calling you about their promotion of loan and investment. BEWARE, don’t be the next victim!

  29. zoomzoom Says:

    how about HSBC?

  30. fed-up Says:

    i dont know if you experience this. You pay Hong Leong credit card payment before due date, after 2 weeks they call you asking you to pay because they did not receive your payment !

  31. cust Says:

    the service is bad. Not like Citibank.

  32. cat Says:

    they are cheating cardholder. When i call to customer service for the promotion items, they said “yes” i am entitled. But come to claim, they said sorry you are not selected. what that? i am so angry. i immediately cancel the card.

  33. sunday888 Says:

    Talking about care of customer, MBF is the best, if your credit history is good.

  34. dan88 Says:

    Bros/Sis, i swear never to use Hong Leong Bank whether credit cards, loans or others. They are just a bunch of rascals… fyi i have a dispute on with them on charges coming to 5 years now, next I am complaining to BNM. No other way…

  35. dan88 Says:

    I am using HSBC credit card now, very good customer service. My card got cloned once about 4 years ago, up to RM13k, the bank called whether I was in KL or Kepong, I said no, I live in Penang, agreed with them to cancel the card immediately, went to the bank next morning, cut the cards in half, got new cards issued immediately, filled up a form. That’s it, all so simple. The cloned charges were taken off on the next bill. Same goes with MBF Cards.

  36. Eddie Says:

    They cheated on my available credit. I use my max credit limit (minus) with my outstanding balance and i got different amount.. shit.. STUPID HLB!

  37. john Says:

    OMG… 2 weeks ago…
    I applied for the Platinum CC from the HL staffs when they approached me…
    but i see so many complains here… Headache…
    Shall i cancel that cc?

  38. Stanley Says:

    Yaya, the HLBB customer service mostly all not well trained ans suck!!!! My balance transfer, they simply charge and when called they said wait for the answer for the financial department to investigate for years!!… So efficient to charge on you the next day but when come to helping customer they will said:Im sorry , i cant help oso, we are waiting for the reply fr the financial department and guess wat, my case still haven settle even after 2 mths!! I juz called to check when are they goin to courier me the free gift the customer name AMIN said im checking but eventually ask me to go to check with the branch where i applied my card. Stupid right? so I asked him what is the customer service for???? He said wait let him check and put on mute mode!!! REAL STUPID!!!

  39. Jimmy Goh Says:

    My god ! seems like i’m not alone having trouble with HLB. I have dispute to make concerning my recent transaction. I bought online and received a couterfeit Item. I call them up and asked for advise. They said that I can try file a dispute and what I’m really piss was before I asked another Q’, they already say like its a waste of time disputing this case, You will have to pay either. I don’t feel confortable at all. I feel I’m at super high risk when using their CC. Under the Fair Trade Billing, HLB suppose to protect the customer more than the merchant. Unlike other bank, they advise and guide you nicely, make you feel at ease. Anyway, I’m filing the dispute soon, I’ll see how they follow up. I figure out if in this case with so many complained, I better send my document to them directly to their HLB BANK CARD CENTRE office and ask them to acknowledge it. When asked about the address to mail it, they like don’t want to tell me and insist me on faxing them the document. I have about 10 copy’s of document. I hate to fax so many copy, later they say didnt received then its a waste of time.

  40. Karen Says:

    I am having a bad experience with Heong Leong Bank as well.
    I applied my credit card two years ago when they are having a promotion of 4 years annual fee waiver provided that I do a balance transfer. I did exactly that but now after 2 years, i was shock that they start to charge me annual fee because they said I didn’t use my credit card. I called the customer service dept and they said that the promotion was for a 2 years annual fee waiver. I am really rally pissed about this…..I told them that I will cancel my ccard if they deny that they ever run that promotion….This is so ridiculous……..anyway, I am still in the midst of the dispute with them

  41. Stella Says:

    Thank god i found this blog…

    i was planning to apply HLBB cc nxt week…

    Thanks all bro & sis, for sharing the bad experiences

  42. talker Says:

    I trying to find some info on HL bank after many years, end up here…thanks for sharing.

    I own many credit cards, i remember many long years ago, that time i do holding few gold card, i just trying to apply for this HL MTV card, just notice they have lifetime free…BUT they rejected it, can you believe it?? I send them a complain letter and said what kind of bank they think they are, a gold card holder apply for a classic stupid MTV card can’t get?? So from that day i never do any buzz with them, even car loan also pulled out…Now i already have Platinum card, who cares about this stupid bank anymore 🙁

    AND actually for Malaysia, most of the credit card customer service is up and down, many of them are stupid, just scold them and complain here and there or to their supervisor or manager OR even sent official complain letter to their GM will do, as most time just waste our time talk to the lower one, they just simply talk without brain sometime, they sometime even shoot incorrect info, and always remember their name and ID wen they promised something will get back, as 40% of chance of their ppl cannot be trust one, at least you can nail them later time by keep biting them, but some of them are STILL very nice and helpful la, then just thank them with a letter too.

    I already been many long years never been charge for single annual fees even i have more than 10 cards…if they charge you, you just scold them or ask them cancel the stupid card, why pay?? As most bank they will still get back to you when they know you are serious…As for me, i do have few card are lifetime free, it is not part of the card offer, but they give me as special treatment as i already using cards for more than 20 years.

    And if you end up call them ask for waiver, they most will give you lot of condition and ask you complete them before waive, just do the same trick again…SCOLD and it works 😛

  43. AngryHLBCustomer Says:

    Hong Leong Bank does not only cheat the credit card users, but savings account holders as well!!

    I have an existing, supposedly Junior Savings Account. According to them, the interest rate given is 3% pa. However, upon closer inspection, it turned out to be actually 0.003%! This is utterly ridiculous. They cheat their customers by giving false statements of the customer’s account. They refuse to reveal the details of the accounts, even though I have requested for it since April. After complaining to Bank Negara a few months later, they still furnished me with FALSE account details of my account. So, I wrote letter to the CEO. The same letter was faxed to most of the mass media. Then the CEO responded by giving me the actual report of my account which shows that there is a great difference between what they offered me and the real amount. Even at the end of the year, they’re still refusing to furnish me the reports on my account from April to November.

    This bank is trying to cheat not only credit card holders, but it would seem that they are trying to cheat on their customers of all ages, as well. I tried to highlight this matter to The Star Newspapers and bring it to their attention, their authorities commented that they did not want to get involved with Hong Leong Bank. Most probably it’s because Hong Leong Bank is one of their major sponsors.

    I have all the proof. For those who are interested, contact me at

  44. User Says:

    Use Public bank card.their customer service is very good.Don’t ever try Maybank card.I used it canceled it already.their customer service is suck.maybe worst than hongleong.very slow and very langsi.

  45. shirley Says:

    yeah…i fully agree wat he say…
    i just recieve firm letter is authorized by hong leong bank…
    because of my late payment for 3 month…I just own them about RM2XXX something like I own them RM200,000.
    why I didn’t make my payment? because I have long time didn’t recieve the statement…how can I pay?
    and i go to one of the branch at Pandan Perdana…I just told them I would like to cancel my creadit card..the stupid staff told me..u didn’t make clear about ur payment so you cannot cancel it…it is got such of thing?
    If I didn’t cancel my card..and the interest still work…
    and the one serious thing,they call to my ex-company…
    and my ex-coll. told them, I was resign, they won’t believe, and the attitude is very rude to my ex-coll.
    when I call firm ask them it is got somebody call me? They say, they won’t do that. for my information, my coll. told me, the women who find me is from firm…
    and today morning, I have make many phone call…I call to HLB, they say, they didn;t make any call to find me…

  46. xavierlert Says:

    I’ve apply CC from ambank last month…and they rejected…then i call the callcenter…they cannot give the reason…then i call the card center…also cannot give the reason…then i fax to CC dept…they call me..but also cannot give the reason….i wonder why…my salary more twice then the required (gold) …i just wanna kno why…not enough doc or anything….

  47. shirley Says:

    I don WTF HLB doing, I have a saving account at HLB, that day my sister tranfer me some money, then, i go to check, I didn’t recieve the money from my sister, then i go to update my passbook, wat is going on is, the HLB CC, auto debit my money without any authorize from me.
    and I go to their HQ, they say, I need to go to thier CC center at MPL, then i have make a phone call to their CC department, got a girl name TXXXX promise call me back at 3pm, but she didn’t make it on the time, then I was try to call back to them…
    and I say wan to find TXXXX
    and another stupid girl, just keep me asking me regarding wat…then waste my time and bill, need to explain to her one more time.
    finally she didn’t transfer the call to Tamah, and keep explain to me, that, bank can auto debit money from saving account to creadit card payment. I just told them, that I know, but also need to give me a call when u auto debit my money, right?

    Lucky my account don have many money…if not, how I know what they gonna do, right?

    Then, semakin cakap, semakin fire up, I just told her, I don’t give any authorize to let u all do like this!

    If u do like this I can report to the police! Then the stupid girl just cut off my call.

    After 5pm something the TXXXX calling, she told me, she transfer back the money to me, then I told her not need already, now I just wan explain and apologize from ur stupid bank.

    Then she ask me whether get my statement?

    I say not yet, and she say my due date is 12 Jan 2009!

    Really bullshit loh, my due date 12 Jan 2009, but the auto debit my money at 09 Jan 2009.

    I told the girl, Even the money is little but, also need to respect their customer, never get any authorize then moving customer’s money? This case is stolen!

    Anybody can told me, what I gonna do now?
    Kindly share it out…
    thanks a bunch

  48. bullshit Says:

    Dear all,

    why argued over the credit card issues? The most important we as the card holder, must make complaint to Bank Negara Malaysia of the Scam Companies (Merchant) who direct selling licence had been cancelled more than 1 year why the credit card companies still let the illegal merchant to utilise the credit card facilties to scam the consumers.

    I have noticed so far to 2 credit card companies have been used by Walley and his subsidiries.

    1) Hong Leong Bank
    2) MBF finance (Merchant Number :1116656461)under Glotron Marketing Sdn Bhd (licence cancelled on 31/12/07)

    So, to be more effective, we should complain to Bank Negara Malaysia, instead of critized the credit card companies, as all the credit card companies are the same, they cant do anything, we must make sure the Merchant’s credit card companies stop to let the scam merchant to utilise the credit card facilities.

  49. shirley Says:

    dear all,
    is that use report to BNM?
    The will take any action?

  50. alamak Says:

    whoa… I’m a HL cc holder with both Visa n Mastercard. Sadly I’ve activated my visa n guess what.. For the first month, they keep on calling me for the easy cash but i just make myself busy or switch off my phone. luckily i haven’t use any of the services but to what have been published here make me so afraid to see the card.. hahahahaha.. i think better to terminate the card.. plz share on how to deal with them.. i want to terminate my c.card immediately

  51. Rauf Says:

    A few things to tell about HLB:

    1) Heard of the Zing Card? RM 100 pre-loaded Touch & Go Card that’s tied to your credit card. Use it and they charge you the amount used? Don’t believe a word: Use RM 2.00, and your bill next month will show you they charge you RM 100. So, you think, ok, that means I have RM 198 in my card right? WRONG! RM 100 only, and they will continue to charge you RM 100 to your credit card REGARDLESS of how much you use IF you use it.

    2) Decided to cancel my card, they charged me the annual fee. Called their call center. A brief transcript:

    a) Choose language – so far so good.
    b) Choose services – Credit Card Services.
    c) Key in CCard number – did it.
    d) Key in phone banking number – ??? what number?
    e) Waited for other option – nothing. no option to talk to a bank rep. slammed down phone.
    f) Tried again. Keyed in gibberish for phone banking number – finally! press “0” to blast our cust rep. I did so.
    g) Me – “I want to cancel my credit card”
    h) Rep – “Okay”
    i) Me –
    j) Rep –
    k) Me – “Do you need my CCard number?”
    l) Rep – “No”
    m) Me – “okies, how do I cancel my card then?”
    n) Rep – “Go to a bank branch, fill in a form, we will process it”
    o) Me – “Oooook. If I can’t visit your bank during opening hours?”
    p) Rep –
    q) Me – “Hello?”
    r) Rep – “I can fax you the form, then you fax back to me”
    s) Me – “…and if I don’t have a fax machine? do you have an online form, and an email for me to send to?”
    t) Rep – “No.”
    u) Pissed me – “Thank You for your enlightening reply”

  52. OhhhSh**T Says:

    Ohhhh!! i just got my HLBB cc last month & spent about far so good…receive statement two weeks later stating the amount i’ve used & they also charge me for the touch n go zing card which i applied..a bit surprised because they immediately reload rm100 and charge me 2 ringgit for the touch n go card! im also confused now…planned to pay all the amounted due & terminated my HLBB cc…that was so not cool for my 1st cc!!!
    i also got loans from HLBB last year & thank good it will finish by next year..i just receive the loans statement only nearly 1 year & surprisingly they charge me interest rm25 for every due payment!! when there’s one time i was forget to pay, then the sales rep calling me 2 days after the due date & when i ask her whether they going to charge me interests, she said “no, we wont charge you because this is the 1st time you pay 2 days late!!” ooohhh..i should known better & now i just cant wait to pay all my unsettle amount & i dun wanna trust HLBB anymore!! enuff said!!

  53. Bank Negara Says:

    For the comments above and below, why don’t you all ladies and gentlemen open your own bank, design your own credit cards and also set all the rules anything regarding to credit cards and etc. Take a look of yourself in the mirror before criticizing any party. Consumer is not King and Queen, if based on T&C, the judge also cannot do anything.

  54. Customer is King Says:

    hahahha….luckily i didn’t apply for a hong leong credit card. thanks to all of you, i decided not to.

    *Bank Negara: If we can open our own Banks, design our own credit cards, and also set all the rules regarding to our credit cards, the whole country will be filled with scammers (just like Hong Leong). Luckily we didn’t, otherwise we’ll end up like HL, who scams people knowing that Bank Negara will close 2 eyes when they’re doing their business. FYI, customer (like the rakyat) is always HIGHER than the King and Queen. We pay them, remember?

  55. paklongrembau Says:

    I got problem with maybank.My supplementary card was used to purchase a handphone for about RM2K in dec 2008.After all the hassle of making police report & complain to them,maybank still insist I am liable.Allthought the card is with my wife all the while and the signature is different they still insist I am liable.So what protection does consumer have.ZERO?When one check the T&C it is all to cover the bank but consumer – NIL..

  56. BanG Negara Says:

    Customer is KING: I don’t see consumer is always ‘HIGHER’ than the King and Queen even tho we’re paying them but it goes the same to all the countries unless you were thinking to create a country of your own. If you think others bank or HLB credit card scam ppl along with Bank Negara, then I suggest don’t use c.card and perhaps don’t even use bank notes issue by Bank Negara as well since the trust is not there.

  57. DLSG Says:

    I totally agree that HLB is extremely bad and unfriendly in all its dealings with his clients. I have been dealing with them for more then 15yrs. I have FD, current account, properties financing with them at their Ampang Branch, which amounts to millions of ringgits. They are slow to respond and do not look after your account in updating and advising. When I requested to restructure my loan terms, they replys were always negative. So…
    1) I have cancelled my platinum c. card with them beginning of the year.
    2) I have transfered Two properties loan from them to Public Bank.( loan amount of about 4.0millions ) even though I lost about 20k in the transfer.
    3) I would definitely transfer my remaining FD away when matured by this year.
    To be more reasonable and stay happier , try avoiding HLB and I must say I am happy with Public Bank and HSBC. TQ

  58. nicole Says:

    i agreed HLB customer service is sucks. i called them , coz i need to make a wife transfer from US bank to my HLB bank account, only some simple informations i need from HLB so i can complete the wife request from, Intermediary Bank Name,
    Intermediary Bank Address, Swiftcode/Routing Number,etc. so simple, but the customer service didnt help at all and the guy asked me to call the bank when i opened the account. they are customer service, they should know everything, i dont have time to call again and again or go to bank for such a simple thing.

  59. CYB Says:

    HLB, the worse bank I ever experience with… I called to cancel the cards few years ago… since then nothing happen…. in my mind cards has been cancelled.

    Out of sudden, in October 08 I received a statement from the stupid bank to allow another con merchant (Celebrities fitness – careful about this conman, who sent a sms said special offer to renew your membership, I did not accept the offer yet they claim money from the stupid bank) submit a claim to HLB to my credit cards and the stupid bank allowed it.

    I call their call center and the customer service officer was surprise to find out that my credit cards in not being cancelled but is already expired for years…. And there is a transaction on an EXPIRED card. She assists me on all the documents to complaint the dispute and cancelled the cards…

    Next month bank send a statement taking away the dispute charges but I owe them the bank interest…complaint … complaint..

    Jan 09… they send a letter and proof that I have approve on the payment and put back the charges in the statement and is outstanding….. The best part is the document and so call proof is:– The approval and agreement that I signed in year 2004 (from the merchant) to be bill to an expired card in year 2008. The HLB is on the merchant side.. The officer who sent this letter don’t even dare to put a name in the letter…

    What kind of bank is this?


  60. transformer Says:

    wat to do?? Malaysia Boleh,Local Bank memang Boleh lah !! haha…born as Malaysian,try to accept it otherwise maybe u can nominate as candidate for next election and “make a change”-Obama..i vote u dude!! ^.^

  61. Peach Says:

    I am having a bad experience with HLB card.

    On Jul 18th 2008, I made a payment on a Netherlands website using my HLB card. Unfortunately, I keyed in the correct validation code and received a reply that my code was wrong and after keying in the same code thrice, my card was locked.

    It was my intention to make the transaction so I used another bank’s credit card to complete the transaction and it went thru.

    On the same day, I called the cust care to unlock my card. The operator responded that I will be able to use it on Internet transaction the next day only.

    One month later, BOTH transaction appeared in both cards’ statement. Fully supported by document and the call log, I disputed the transaction with HLB as it should not have been accepted due to failed verification.

    In Mar 2009, the transaction was reversed from my statement.

    In Aug 2009, the transaction is BACK in my statement and I received a letter dated 19th July 2009 on 20th Aug 2009 stating that the merchant was able to produce evidence of a successful transaction – it is a short computer log with a ‘6’ digit circled.

    I am in the midst of submitting my 2nd dispute attempt as I do not see how can HLB allowed this when I have a call log to unlock my credit card on the same transaction date. Personally, I feel that the investigation was done half heartedly.

    When this is resolved, I will cancel my HLB card immediately. I am disappointed with the services rendered so far and I feel insecure that HLB will allow failed verified internet transaction through.

    I also noticed that with my other credit cards, I will receive a call when I charged an irregular large amount. But I don’t get any from HLB.

    Please do not use HLB credit cards until they sorted their securities.

  62. apple Says:

    Peach (no 61), feel sorry to know your unpleasant experience on dispute transaction with HLB, i have different view here. You call to bank to unblock the internet purchase accesss is just a request to use back the card, how come you though bank should stop transacction for you even your request is to activate back the access???It is confusing. And my suggestion is you should checked with bank on that transaction status when call in to request unblock the card, so that u can avoid duplicate transactions. Hope this help you.

  63. apple Says:

    Shirley (no 47), if u notice carefully, most of the bank had stated in their cardholder agreement that bank have the right to debit their fund from saving or current acc that their open with bank to set off the past due without prior notice given if you didn’t pay your credit card. Is valid. and regarding your due date 12 jan but they deduct your money on 9 jan, this one i believe your actual due is 12 dec, 12 jan is the next due.

  64. Site Admin Azmeen Says:

    Wow, it seems HLB has assigned Ms Apple to answer your grouses here.

    Personally though, I think this is too late… we’re already burnt by HLB and have moved on.

  65. apple Says:

    hi Azmeen, is my personal view & experience. Definitely i also surprise with the poor services given, which was share by all of you.

  66. apple Says:

    Btw Mr Azmeen, how is your dispute after bring up to FMB? Is FMB able to help you? As I know FMB might able to help u to bring up the case to court & charge the “scammer”. I sincerely hope you are getting better & can get back your money. For the financial charges, i suggest u can try to rearrange with hlb customer service for waiver, it can be reconsider in such situation, i had experienced it before. Have a good day..

  67. douglasj Says:

    in malaysia, i have used the credit card several times and it worked fine. now i am in the US and i tried to book a return flight from houston to new york and my card is unabled to be processed. i have the securecode and anything else needed for the purchase but still the transaction failed despite several credit card work fine on the atm here, but it failed for online transaction..wtff…miserable,miserable..

  68. zaki Says:

    Someone approach me to get HLB CC. Luckily I did brief google and I found this post first.. So sayonara

  69. mt Says:

    Hong Leong Bank sucks. They make use of young school leavers who want quick money to catch people walking about in mall to sign in supposedly free credit card and then charge the people annual fee of Rm100 plus plus. Hey, does our bank negara allow this? I signed for a card but I have never or intended to use it but suddenly I get a statement to pay annual fee. At present, I have only one card from Public Bank which I am very satisfied with the customer service. I can email my questions and I get answers even on public holidays. Good for you, PUblic Bank.

  70. ms chin Says:

    i don’t like to use hong leong bank a/c & credit card, because all people of them no manner & very proud…………

  71. ms chin Says:

    and there is no sense of responsibility !!!

  72. Leong Kar Wai Says:

    Yea HL credit card sucks big! When I redeem for their gift… guess what? My package is gone missing & they even dare to fax back the sign form with only the company stamp but no details of name or IC no. or whatever on it! I think the courier company they appoint just came in & stamped the form by themselves & walk away with my package. And they don’t even care to investigate for me. WTF! I immediately cancelled both of my VISA & Master without hesitation! I already condemned HL Bank for life. No way going back to them. You all better think twice.

  73. kelvin Says:

    HLB is the worst i tell u… i had so much trouble with them from the starting of applying till i terminated the card and still gave me so much trouble. When i applied for the card.. i summited all the documents needed. after a few days, they called up and requested something from me and yes i went back to the branch to summit. after a few days later.. they called back again and ask for another document. i got fed up and told them.. if they are gonna call me every few days and say i lack of this and that.. i would rather not want the card. A few days later the card came without any notice. what type of service are they trying to potray?

    in another incident, i deposited a chq to the chq machine for my payment. received a resit from the machine and i thought it was the end of the story. the next month i receive my bill and saw that the sum from last month was still there. i called up and checked with them and they told me that they had not receive any payments from me. I check from the bank that my chq was issued from. they told me that the sum has already been transfered to HLB and yet HLB told me they did not get my payment. HLB’s call centre told me a few excuses. one was dyring the time i entered the chq, the system was down. could not track my chq. another one was, they had not receive any the chq and was on the way of trasfering over. oh common, my other bank told me that the money had been transfered a few weeks ago. it took them like a month to trace back the money and returned it back and i aint gonna pay for the interest. after that i decided to cancel all my cards.

    not sure if it was a kind of appology or not, i receive a call a few days after this incident, they told me that they were gonna upgrade me to gold. gave me more credit too. so wa the heck, gave them one more chance. and you know wat, i had so much prbs with that. the new card was lost in mail. to i had to report and ask them to resent me antoher one. once i received the second one, i activated it. i went to the petrol station to test. “Transaction Rejected”. It was a mojor bummer. i called back and they told me that the promotion period ended and i activated after that period. the card is no longer usable. WTF!!! I got soo mad i slammed the phone and cancelled all my cards the next day.

    Even after cancelling, they gave me trouble. I submitted my cancellation form and all. They too called to confirm about the cancellation. The next month, i still receive the bills. I thought it was the last bill. I was wrong, this dragged on a few months. And now i had to resummit the cancellation again. Argh… i am soo darn dissapointed with this bank. Think twice before applying.

  74. kelvin Says:

    HLB is the worst i tell u… i had so much trouble with them from the starting of applying till i terminated the card and still gave me so much trouble. Let me share my experience with you.

    When i applied for the card.. i summited all the documents needed. after a few days, they called up and requested something from me and yes i went back to the branch to summit. after a few days later.. they called back again and ask for another document. i got fed up and told them.. if they are gonna call me every few days and say i lack of this and that.. i would rather not want the card. A few days later the card came without any notice. what type of service are they trying to potray?

    in another incident, i deposited a chq to the chq machine for my payment. received a resit from the machine and i thought it was the end of the story. the next month i receive my bill and saw that the sum from last month was still there. i called up and checked with them and they told me that they had not receive any payments from me. I check from the bank that my chq was issued from. they told me that the sum has already been transfered to HLB and yet HLB told me they did not get my payment. HLB’s call centre told me a few excuses. one was dyring the time i entered the chq, the system was down. could not track my chq. another one was, they had not receive any the chq and was on the way of trasfering over. oh common, my other bank told me that the money had been transfered a few weeks ago. it took them like a month to trace back the money and returned it back and i aint gonna pay for the interest. after that i decided to cancel all my cards.

    not sure if it was a kind of appology or not, i receive a call a few days after this incident, they told me that they were gonna upgrade me to gold. gave me more credit too. so wa the heck, gave them one more chance. and you know wat, i had so much prbs with that. the new card was lost in mail. to i had to report and ask them to resent me antoher one. once i received the second one, i activated it. i went to the petrol station to test. “Transaction Rejected”. It was a mojor bummer. i called back and they told me that the promotion period ended and i activated after that period. the card is no longer usable. WTF!!! I got soo mad i slammed the phone and cancelled all my cards the next day.

    Even after cancelling, they gave me trouble. I submitted my cancellation form and all. They too called to confirm about the cancellation. The next month, i still receive the bills. I thought it was the last bill. I was wrong, this dragged on a few months. And now i had to resummit the cancellation again. Argh… i am soo darn dissapointed with this bank. Think twice before applying.

  75. Catherine Says:

    i am a hong leong bank visa card holder for more than12 years, but i didn’t meet such a problem from what you have said. i think that your case is only individual case, any problem occured should complain to the head office to maximise your satisfaction.

  76. LL Says:

    I have Fd a/c, current a/c, Mortgage, Car Loan, & CreditCard for > 10 years, so far no problem at all. I think the above are isolated cases, which every bank has their fair share of.

  77. Sooth Says:

    HLB is terrible. Used their service for only a few weeks before I closed my account and vowed never again!

  78. Wayne Says:

    I went to MAHA 2008 and they have their booth there. The sales rep begged me to take their credit card and collect the present. She said it is live time free subscription. I just sign she will get her commission and I can cancel the card later. So, I just subscribed!

    When I got the card, I just ignore ( I think I’ve discard it) I never use the card. Few letters from Hong Leong I just ignored. Last month I opened. Gosh, they said I owe them RM320! What a stupid culprit bangang mafia $^%&$%#$% nak mampos. I really curse this company

  79. Wayne Says:

    I just want to confirm with all…. So you need to activate, right? I never activate my card. How come they charge me? Grrrrrr

  80. Yu Wei Chung (Starline Communication) Says:

    Yeah. I totally agreed with what you said. Hong Leong Credit Cards Services ganged with us to cheat you guys out there. If you don’t believe. Just look for me at 244, Jalan Besar, Sasaran 1, Jeram, Selangor. We conducted scratch and win and get lots of money. I want to get more victims. But mind you Hong Leong guys just cannot be trusted.

  81. shameem Says:

    I did balance transfer to this stupid bank..

    I am charged every month but
    when I activated the card, the agent told
    me balance transfer is free,

    I tried to call their customer care,
    after much wait, the recorded voice said
    they are closed. Why don’t these dummies
    publish the operating hours in website?
    I visited the online banking,

    Dear Hong Leong Online customers,

    The online service is currently not available.
    Please try again later. We apologise for any inconvenience caused.

    Thank you

    still don’t know why the girl over the
    phone said balance transfer is free.

    Cash advance interest ? what is that ?
    I need pay that also , i never used that

  82. koh Says:

    Yup… hong leong bank the worse bank i dealt with… lats year my CC was stolen and used, the customer service says that as THEIR MERCHANT have accepted it so they unable to dispute the transaction although it was not my signature. This very much show that their CC holder did not mean a thing to them. I say STOP USING HLB CC. I got too many stupid problem with HLB their customer service also not professional.

  83. unhappy customer Says:

    in ipoh there is only 1 branch have cash deposit machine, and both of the machine always TEMPORARY OFF-LINE, for such a big company they really have a super SUCK service.

    in another recent case, last month i made payment through cash deposit machine, after few days I received SMS from HLB that my payment is overdue, after I settle that case, yesterday they sent me another letter saying tht my payment is still overdue?????The letter and SMS include 2 useless phone number which impossible to get through….. got to many unhappy incident with HLB.

    One when i call up the customer care, the operator was eating something while talking to me, i can clearly hear her biting and chewing food. the other experience is when this customer care call me up to talk but, he end up talking to his colleague instead while i still on the line . He totally ignore me there, i waited for around 5mnt or so then hang up as he has forget all about me.

  84. pissed by hleong Says:

    dealing with hLb same like fucking nightmare
    all fuckers servicing with fucking banking bussiness were
    bullshitting all damn customers with fucking
    reasons and fucking benefits bla bla bla.
    alwaz put fucking pissed super charge into account and
    put fucking workers to claim fucking charges every fucking days.the fucking interest keep going up eventhough da pissed customers keep doing da fucking payment on every fucking statments.

  85. harveythe along Says:

    dont worry no need to go bank… come to me

  86. ema Says:

    I have to agree.. been trying to cancel my ct card for over a year but they still insist that i am their customer..they keep on sending ct cards to me, even without activating it, they require me to go to the branch to teminate the account. i did not apply for the cards at the first place..

  87. Kawan Sekolah Says:

    Do not use Public Bank Credit Card

    A few days back I received a credit card statement that charge RM50 for service tax. Yesterday I’d called the customer service (attended by Mohd Essi Alias) and ask about the service tax for the card that I have never use. He said the cant do much about it. So i asked him to CANCEL my card.

    To my surprise he said that I cannot do that via phone. I have to write in for card cancellation. WHAT..??? I told him that this is the first time I come across that a bank refuse to cancel the card over the phone. I did a CC cancellation with RHB without hesitation.

    From now on I will not come near to any Public bank services again and I’ll move my housing loan to other bank.

    Don’t get hooked…!!!

    BTW Public Bank issued me the CC I obtained housing loan from them.

  88. hlb card holder Says:

    hlb have the worst credit card customer service. They donot know how to pickup phone.

  89. cw loke Says:

    Stupid …….. Hongleong Credit Card Center…

    since Feb’10 i cancelled the cared until now no feed back….statement still sent to me.

    stupid like pig

  90. HLB Credit Card Holder Says:

    Called HLB customer service last week, the customer service officer spoke to me in not a good manner…asked me to hold the line and it kept me holding the line for 10 MINS!! problems never been solved! don’t use HLB Credit Card!

  91. Another victim to HLB Customer Service Says:

    I’m the latest victim to HLB Customer Service ‘lack of service’. This is a very long message but really put a customer’s patience at test and conclusion, HLB Customer Service sucks. When you call them, be ready to be put on hold for a good 10mins (if you are lucky)
    My card was blocked when I was overseas on 15th. April and upon returning home, I called the Customer Service # 03-76268899 and a Ms Y took the call. After getting all the so-called verification details, she informed me that the card has been reactivated. I didn’t try to use it until 24th. April and discovered that it is still blocked. Upon calling same number on 28th. April a Mr. A told me that the card was blocked because I exceeded my supplementary card limit and I had to pay before they can re-active. My 1st. frustration, WHY DIDN’T Ms Y told me about this instead of giving me false information that my card has been activited. I have not received the statement yet so I asked for my balance that I need to pay the amount was told that even if I pay now, my card will not be re-activated until early May due to some ‘internal bank cycle’. I arranged for my mobile phone bill to be Direct Debit and my line is about to be terminated because the process was not successful and I also told them that I will make the payment based on the amount they mentioned (even though I have yet to see the statement). After explaining to them all this and requesting to talk to their manager if they cannot solve it, I was put on hold and I got the ‘I will check with my manager and call you back shortly’ and that shortly never cam until 3 hours later, I called and got a Ms R who put me on hold for 10 mins (imagine how much that have cost me when I’m calling from outside 03 area code). I hang up after that and called AGAIN after a few minutes and a Ms I answered and everytime I have a new Ms or Mr, I have to end up going through the whole story again and again. So this time I was really ANNOYED and demanded to talk to the lady Manager and she finally told me other options to allow the card to be re-activated whereby I need to get the principal card holder to sign off a form to allow extention of credit limit (which they will fax to me if I want to do that). Today, at 10am+ when I called to request for the form, to be faxed to me, a Mr. AY, took my fax number and committed to fax immediately. I repeated my fax number to him and informed him which state I’m calling from. At 1pm+, still not trace of the faxed form and AGAIN had to call and this time a Mr. B answered. This time, I totally refused to repeat my situation all over to him and DEMANDED that I either talk to Mr AY or get Mr. AY to fax or call me within the next 10mins otherwise Mr. B’s name will also be reported to the Ms Manager. 2 minutes later, got the call from Mr AY, and wow, this is the maximum, that I can take, Mr. AY TOTALLY FORGOT WHAT HE IS SUPPOSED TO DO for me. He totally forgot about my case and when I reminded him that he’s supposed to fax the form to me, he told me that he has done it and he has faxed to a number which is totally different from what I gave him. I was furious and gave him again my fax number, and within my next sentence in the call, I mentioned half of my fax and asked him to continue and he don’t have my fax number, which means that he did not record the number. When I asked him, OK be ready for this respond ‘I ONLY HAVE 2 HANDS, 1 FOR THE KEYBOARD AND 1 TO WRITE’….this is the HLB Customer Service that we are talking about….I gave up cause it really spoils my day, so I just gave him the fax number again and I mentioned it 3 times. And would you believe it, after checking again, few minutes later, he again read a different fax number to me. I have to again repeat the fax number to him. Who can be patient with this service. Today, I was not able to the to the Manager, and yes, tomorrow, I will definitely call her and yes, I plan to terminate the card.

  92. Teoh Says:

    Not only thier credit card service worst. Few years ago, my father wish to clear all the house loan, so my father paid the outstanding figure. the stupid bank after few month mail and tell my father got interest outstanding. Then my father go bank check. The bank said we didn’t give instruction to clear up the loan, so they equal to few month. Like tat also can be reason oh…really scare to due with this bank after the case happen.

  93. luciyahelan Says:

    I appreciate the concern which is been rose. The things need to be sorted out because it is about the individual but it can be with everyone. I like this particular article It gives me an additional input on the information around the world Thanks a lot and keep going with posting such information.
    Best Credit Card UK

  94. KY Says:

    YES!! Please be very careful and check all your bills!
    I was charged for a (cash on call) service of RM 2,200!!! What on earth is this cash on call anyway???
    And when i call customer service they were rushing my queries and answered in a very unfreindly manner. So i asked her why she said they are only allowed 3 minutes for every call (????) gosh!
    And the girl i spoke with promised to get back to me, but it has already been 1 month i still havent receive any reply. And what is worse, such a big bank, they dont even have a record of my calls. Such a disgrace and i have to relate the whole incident to the next customer service personel, again.
    Guys, please do not do any online transaction with your HL card. I had my share of very bad experience with them last 2 years. WIll save it for some other time… while i make my way to the great Hong Leong bank now!
    You guys in Hong Leong, am sure you are constantly checking this good site, “respect your customer’s rights! dont go overboard”

  95. YL Says:

    Really hate HLB services, their bank workers really no manners, rude and not respect customer.

    that day a gal call me to chase my payment for Credit card,
    i say i will bank in to them within the week.

    she ask me again: when, wat time, wat date?
    i say: hmmm….. ( still haven decide yet)
    she say: pls dun hmm, hmm, i not talk to a wall! u better bank in today!! i dun wan to c ur name in my list again!!

    i wonder they are bank staff or ALONG(illegal credit service) staff?

    how can they talk to customer in such manner!!

    i decide to cancelled my hlb card, dun wan to use their service anymore….

  96. Plastic Card, Says:

    i don’t like to use hong leong bank a/c & credit card, because all people of them no manner & very proud…………i agreed with you!

  97. Dell Latitude E6500 batterie Says:

    while i make my way to the great Hong Leong bank now!
    You guys in Hong Leong, am sure you are constantly checking this good site, “respect your customer’s rights! dont go overboard”

  98. Sad Says:

    I started Junior Savings account when they promoted bank account in my school in 1998. But it seems my money dwindling through the years since this year I check my bank statement. Later, I wanted to close account (last balance was less than RM 30 and their interest rate is lying to me ever since.); they force me to wait 2-3 days after I sat down with Customer Service forcing me to write down my particulars and they used my MyKad to keep the data bank closure. I did see unauthorized withdrawal RM 200 on 2008 after I close account which cause me to rage at the. I didn’t know as
    “The edu-save programme provided by the Hong Leong Bank ensured depositors that 60% of their money would go into a ‘junior’ savings account while the other 40% would be invested in an insurance fund.”

  99. RonJeremy Says:

    This is the worst ever credit card issuer bank. I thought I have seen the worst but definitely this one top’s it all.

    Recently to my great surprise my application for a house loan was rejected by another bank. Upon checking with Bank Negara CCRIS I found out that HLB put a caution to my credit statement under “Special Attention Account” which meant I owed them some amount in the credit card.

    But you know what – I had cancelled that credit card 3 years ago paying all the balances overdue! There’s no more statement coming in and thus I thought its done. Apparently they take this as an active debtor and after 3 years without my knowledge or notification to me, they submitted my “debt” to debt collector agency and thus the bad rating.

    The best part was the branch doesn’t know how much I owe, a call to the credit card centre is like taking forever (still notn able to talk to anyone yet), and I still don’t have any knowledge whom should I talk to understand what actually happening and what are they charging me for. The service from that call centre and the branch were bad!

    I am going to make a formal complaint to bank Negara citing this incidence on which I was neither notified by email or phone (they do have my phone number when I checked the call centre, but why they didnt call?!! and I haven’t move or change my address for past few years!) and yet my name was submitted out and until TODAY I’m still waiting for them to call.

    I was right to cancel their card earlier on because of poor service, now I am more convince NO ONE should get this same treatment from them. Cancel your card, pls.

  100. Henry Says:

    i just get HLB credit card January 2011, and this February they charge me annual fee rm160. “Annual” fee? Haven’t reach 1 year already charge annual fee. Sure is bastard. I go ask Public bank for when their annual fee charged, they answer is 1 YEAR than charged. Call them to activate the card until 1 month also the same, promise to call me but never do so. What i can say is consumer should refuse to do any transaction with hongleong bank.

  101. monty Says:

    i am using citibank and glad that i choose citibank coz i have similar incident but this involve un-authorised transaction. what happen is i used the card in malaysia but somehow they culprit manage to get the cc details eg. cc number, issuer bank, expiry date. the duplicate the card and spend it in japan and uk…did not know abt this till i get a call from citibank verifying these transaction. explain over the phone and wala..settled!!! no need to go to bank and nothing charged to my card. they issued me a new card within 1 only lose was no cc for 1 week hehe….give it a try la…

  102. Jamie Says:

    I have problem with the EON bank credit card as well. Their customer service is lousy. I have got the RM50 govt tax charge for their statement, but until now still haven’t receive the card. I called and got the courier no for the post laju which they mentioned send me on the 2nd time. But when I call to post laju, they mentioned this no was last month which is the first delivery no and they posted it back to the bank. I called again to the customer service and they mentioned that the 2nd time courier no was not recorded in the system. What a lousy service! I said I wanted to cancel the card, they asked me to settle the RM50. So angry on this bank.

  103. Carmen Says:

    I have the same problem and now i’m still fighting with this lousy bank… thanks for your information, now I only know I can bring this to FMB.. thanks alot…

  104. kuda Says:


  105. unhappy customer Says:

    My friend got scam by HLB, she calcelled her card few months ago, today suddently out of the blue HLB sent her notice to clear up outstanding some amount. The card was canceeled at the HLB branch witrh all the payment clear according to system iy self. there no more statement coming in for few months suddenly the cancelled card still got unpaid balance…. HLB is F***ing cheater..

  106. Van Says:

    To those who say I never had a problem with Hong Leong Bank and think it is a isolated case, think in our shoe.

    Ask why would there be such people spending so much time writing such a long complaint here? We have nothing better to do? Like go watch a movie or something? Do something happy rather than sitting here write something sad?

    We spent so much time write a long complaints here because we are really, truly frustrated. We spent hours and hours, days and days to solve problems with HLB and it never got solved. It keeps coming back and bite you. It never ends and you dont know when it will come back again. I am a very patient person. Well maybe not the most patient person in the country like 1 in a billion, but if you have went thru what i have been thru with HLB, you will know the frustration that i went thru.

    If I have the money and knowledge, i would sue HLB for everyone here and make them pay for their ignorant.

  107. mat jemg Says:

    hong leong sent me a message he said my hong leong card is activate n pls start using your card now…extually i never apply credit card from hong leong and i never registered for that. what will i do guess??

  108. Melvin Says:

    Ambank is also one of the worst card I ever had. Never bothered to do verification call to ensure cust card is not used for fraud transaction. In my case, some idiot used my card details to book several flight tickets in 1 day for 2 days, amounting to nearly 3k.

  109. genie Says:

    Hong leong bank service very lousy, 1st faxed two times then make me go there another two times for changing address everytime send back to my old house then i decided to use CIMB, once again same thing happened after i move to another new place CIMB send my statements to two differenct houses after i up dated it.

    The best is HSBC Bank, i meant chasing payment untill your pant drop they barred your credit card after 7days late payment. HSBC and CIMB has quality redeem gift.

  110. Peter Says:

    Agree, HLB customer service very suck.
    My GSC HLB CC not discount on my GSC movie ticket purchase,
    I have compliant many time thru phone and email,
    after months, not solving my problem at all!!!
    Shame of you HLB!

  111. v annoyed by HLB Says:

    all the comments are true, vreally very annoyed with HLB services, really…..bad and staffs are ruth and pariah system but the internal personnels seem did not understand .Keep forcing customer to pay for services tax inorder to close off credit card account not activated and applied in 2008.HLB ,one of the big bank but having the pariah system and services to customers.No improvement after several wrote in complaints. Failure and forever failure is the only word that can describe it.

  112. yoong Says:

    hong leong is really shit

  113. danny Says:

    what kind of stupid bank…system always down.specialy when weekend,bank not operating everything need to be done by machine…n yes..hong leong bank had the most louzy n stupid system.its been more than 10 times im facing the atm or deposit machine wonder hong leong bank didnt get any awards recently….becoz just simply fail

  114. danny Says:

    any manager or director of the hong leong bank ….shld be aware of all the bad systems problem happening in the bank.n not just hide them self n self satisfied with their new products or offers ….if the system sucks..the bank sucks..

  115. hishamdn Says:

    here’s what happend to me with hong leong. i signed up for a balance transfer with them. later, when i received my monthly credit card statement, i was shocked that another credit card number was added to my existing credit card. i disputed the number coz i only had one card. instead of telling me the number was for the balance transfer account, they insisted that i had two cards according to their system. i stubbornly avoided paying for the outstanding in the credit card account. five years later, some collection agent called demanding me to pay for the amount which i insisted i don’t have, she argued that i did becoz it showed (in the system). eventually, when they took the case to the court, even their legal rep didn’t know that the second credit card account was that of a balance transfer. he suggested i clarify the matter with hlb collection dept in pj which i did. it was then confirmed that there was no second credit card but for the balance transfer. but that time, the amount of rm1500 had inflated to more than 4k.

    if only, they had the decency to explain to customers that the balance transfer would appear in the statement as another credit card, all could have been avoided. the sad case, its always the customer’s fault for not double checking.