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Are You Ready For Change?

Waiting on the World to Change

Photo Credit: FotoRita [Allstar maniac]

Change is an incident beyond norm. There are certain changes that are caused by you and others are totally independent of your actions. Some changes are positive and others are negative. One thing that’s sure is that changes happen around us all the time.

Humans are generally change averse creatures. Most of us prefer the familiar over discovering new ways to do thing. If it’s not for the explorers, tinkerers, geeks and boffins we lot would have gone nowhere! We’d still be living in caves and hunting for food.

The fact is that the world around us keeps changing. Our ancestors realize that some days are colder than the norm. Out of necessity they discovered fire, used fur and leather as clothes, reared animals and farmed. Why? Because keeping the status quo will ultimately lead to their doom.

I’m setting myself up for change too. Soon my days of being an employee will end. I decided to take the entrepreneurial path as my next move. It might seem that I’m bringing this change to myself, but there are external factors that have guided me this way as well.

I see some changes on how businesses in the 21st century are operating. These changes will inevitably come to Malaysian companies too and those who don’t (or won’t) transform themselves will fold. My task is to ensure that this won’t happen to my clients.

Enough about me. Do you realize that things are changing all around us? Information travels much faster and virtually unfiltered nowadays. Turnaround time of product delivery is now calculated in minutes and seconds. The line between home and office aren’t that clear anymore (perhaps even non-existent).

So are you ready for these changes and more? You should, because the world sure as heck won’t be waiting for you.

3 responses to “Are You Ready For Change?”.

  1. papajoneh Says:

    I am not ready for change as at time of typing this but I guess i have to face it. The world is changing so fast and it really scared me. I can say I can face it head on, but I’m still unsure. Whatever it is, it’s coming and I hope I have friends to ask for help.

    You are brave man my friend and I say go for it. If you need someone like me to just release some tension, just buzz me. I’ll be there for you… like the song that won multiple awards 🙂

  2. Site Admin Azmeen Says:

    papajoneh: Nobody can be 100% sure about oncoming changes my friend. If they can, then they’re not human. For me, I just choose to embrace these changes around me. Been playing the resistance card for way too long 🙂

  3. ethel Says:

    I guess everyone needs some change eventually..